Frustrated Exile :(

Im sorry, I feel Funcom actually could care less about console and def xbox … Supposedly new servers up for xbox and yet none listed show up. We are not on par with the PC version which is sad considering the Preview allowed for plenty of time to do that. A while back they said they were working on another Conan game and honestly i feel thats what is getting attention not us.

Right now servers packed and if you try to join your so far behind now its not worth it. I suffered through preview launch and just kept pumping the game up and standing by it.

I know be a lot of people come in here and debate this stuff, but this is how I and 10 of my friends feel. I have people wanting me to play ps4 version and I dont see the point. Its PC or nothing at this point. The stuff that doesnt work and was known not to work in preview was not addressed. Its all about lets put more and more on testlive for PC. All consoles receive is stability patches.

People warned me about Funcom prior to this and I thought they were bitter from something not going their way. I can clearly see now why they said what they said. I understand they (funcom) are working hard, but this is not acceptable by any means.

The only info we get is “its in the works” really? You had all the preview time and even during that time everything went to testlive and console got to experience the combat upgrade weeks prior. Stop putting stuff on testative and put out the parity patch. I know it wont happen “its coming”.

“New servers are coming” where? When? “New servers for ps4 xbox and pc!” Where? None on xbox at all. looked every since your tweet and havent found any of them (6 hours ago).

I have people ask me all the time about the game and honestly I tell them to just move along at this point. I would like to sit down and enjoy the game, but at this point it is more stress than enjoyment.

I know why they dont give dates on when stuff will be fixed and its because of people holding their feet to the fire when they dont deliver on the timetable they say. Its a no win situation for them and us I guess. Frustrated Exile :frowning:

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