FUNCOM: Dying console server base

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Compared to the beginning of the year, the servers are so empty.

The feed back from the community is that they are bored. They have done all that they can. Nothing new has been added and we (playstation and xbox) have been left to die by funcom.

I understand that funcom say Siptah is early access and they are working on a finished product before releasing it to console. But what you have done is leave console completely in the dust. No new updates, no new dlc , bug fixes or anything. The feel in the community is that funcom don’t care about loosing the console players base now. Because when march/april rolls around and the map is realised, they will all return.

I was asked by Natascha on twitter if we will return when the new map comes. We all agreed that we will not if we are left in the dust until then. That was October, its now December and we are still in the dust. Console fans get ignored when the subject is raised. The paying clients deserve better or at least a truthful answer.


As a ps4 player, I am not upset at all that Siptah and all the new updates are getting rung out on pc first. The food mechanics have not been fully revamped and some of the recent changes look like they need further tweaking before it rolls over to console. Put that together with the all hands on deck for xbox right now, and it makes perfect sense why console hasnt been touched. The only thing ps4 users would get is a parity patch to where Siptah is and its still in EA, so my pov is, its better to be waiting. The food changes are huge to me as I would like all those recipes I collect to make interesting foods to actually be worth something in gameplay.


Let this meme never die, it is the best


I am with you let them fix the bugs and settle the healing system and other changes players are discussing. Eager to see it released however.

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I have also a server admin and have been following the decline in console playback especially for ps4 as that is the system I use. While yes I understand there is alpt of content that funcom are creating on test live and siptah there is also a distinct lack in communication every dev stream lately has mentioned the massive xbox problems and bearly mentioned ps4, back in the September dev stream they assured us that we would see a update this year they even said (and I am not holding them to it but it was said) that there might be one by October if they can fix xbox which clearly they haven’t. It is now December and our servers are dying we have dropped from full servers (40 in my case) to half and now its even less. When talking with other admins this is a concern that is brought up alot, many begging each other for ideas to keep players interested especially on pve or pvec where players don’t want to constantly destroy each other or engage in the toxicity that comes with pvp. We are limited in what we can do within the game (no mods ect) we come up with events and honestly if they are new ideas or variations we are lucky to get a few turn up because as stated the players are bored and the admins are becoming disheartened, the lack of communication from funcom in regards to consoles is depressing and the responses from thw communication while acceptable for the most part some are often negative or as I have been told on here “get a pc”, “pc is master race”, “just dont play until spitah”… when thats the response I get or my statements get flagged even though I bring up legitimate concerns from actual paying server owners and playing admins its a wonder any of us post anymore. I am being patient and awaiting siptah with the prayer it will be early 2021 (January or February the latest) im more realistic and resigned to it being April/May which will have been over 8 months since the last "update’ and a entire year since any new content.


Do you really believe they will do more changes related to the food system? Yeah, they will probably add food animations so you are even more stuck in senseless animations you can’t interrupt.

Its an example. Siptah remains in EA and wont push to console until its released. And yes, based on Alex’s comments in the QA, I expect more changes.

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I doubt there will be any major changes to the food/drink system in at least the next six months and I would not be shocked at this point if it never gets updated again.

You can do what I did. I bought conan and isle of siptah for my laptop. I connect the laptop hdmi out to my TV just like my PS4 and I even use the PS4 controller to play because it is WAY easier to play the game with versus keyboard and mouse. Not only has it been a ton of fun but the graphics coming from laptop utterly DESTROY the ps4 graphics. The PS4 looks faded or blurred compared to my laptop on the TV. It’s so sharp and vibrant and clear.
I do keep the decay timer on the base up on my PS4 account but it’s just not nearly as fun. Plus the little chat window to talk to other players makes it feel more multiplayer (when no one is being toxic)


How is that in any way helpful to those of us who

  1. Dont own a laptop or pc.
  2. Dont want to pay for the entire game all over again.
  3. Prefer console to pc or laptop.

Again another pc player just telling consoles to buy a pc and the pc version again like really :roll_eyes: all we are asking for is any content as our playerbase is decreasing as a staggering rate, today alone we have lost thousands of players to cyberpunk

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Yes. Its hard having to wait for something when you want it right now. Especially today.

Never make plans for tomorrow based purely on today.

Well if they add animations for food then if eating during battles you get choke and die a wonderful balance

Well I certainly gave you the solution. It’s not what you want but that is the solution. You can’t force people to play on console and you can’t force funcom to give you a bunch of updates. They’re pretty busy as it is at the moment. Your going to have to be patient or go get a laptop lol

I agree, an answer would allow us to move on. I understand it will hurt their business with DLC, but in reality, if we haven’t had a true update in almost half a year (based on guessing the Siptah won’t be until feb at the earliest for consoles) it probably means the console side is a lost financial cause anyways for them.

“eating food too many times causes diarrea” or another random balacing tweak like that xD

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Do you imagine our players burping or releasing Gass, omg that would be very funny :joy::joy::joy:. Ofcurce the female population of conan wouldn’t agree with that, but still, it would be really funny.

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