Server Full on siptah

Logged off to take a poop so I wouldn’t die, can’t log back in because server is full. Is this the way we’re gonna have to deal with servers? Did I just wast a bunch of time gathering materials and leveling?

I suppose you are talking about an official server, it usually happens that the server fills up and more on the first day of Siptah on consoles.

that is not the fault of the company, in the official servers everyone is free to enter.

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Yeah… hopefully the population dies out quickly. It makes it extremely difficult to play, let alone refresh my stuff to keep it from decaying.


Company has some fault :slight_smile:

Only 9 pve in EU region means only 360 player can access at the same time. Don’t you think it is a low number?

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Wait until the free week is over and you’ll see that it isn’t a low number at all.

EDIT: Here’s the situation on PC:

Notice all those peaks? They correspond to major releases and updates, and events like free weekends. That little uptick right at the end is the beginning of another peak.

Thing is, after every peak, the playerbase goes down, slower than it went up, but still fast.

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Except I’m on PS4. We don’t have a free weekend right now. It’s literally a s*** show. I’m on Pacific Time (last time zone in the continental USA) so when I get off work to play in the server I joined on day 1, it’s full. I can’t play at all on my server I started in. What’s the point?

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Yeh PS4 could use a few more US timezone Siptah servers too. All of them are full most of the day/evening. That or up the player count allowed.

Let’s see, it was easier to say that more servers are needed, with a lower player base than a year ago, it is normal that they consider putting few servers until it stabilizes, as explained by the colleague @jmk1999 he left the server to poop and That server is full, we must be more clear and concise in what we ask so that they understand the reason for the thread, it can also be joined to already created threads.

No free week on console, it’s only a lack of servers. I think they sold more than 360 copies of Isle of siptah on psn.

It’s initial week and there is limited serving power here. So let the dust settle a bit. If Siptah continues to be full, then some of the Exiled lands servers may be switched over. Sucks since I play on less populated servers over there but it’s part of the evolution of the game to make it viable, I haven’t really gotten into Siptah yet. Seems to be more raw and more confusing…which I like.


So my clanmate wanted to start on a new server. So I guess we’re gonna try to work two simultaneous servers as able and then take the one that’s most consistent? Idk. It’s very frustrating. My clanmate doesn’t work, but i do. Surely it’s no fun when one person can play the game in a clan because they’re not working (is this what why other people can get on? They don’t work?), while the rest of the clan is just left out in the cold.

They adding servers slowly and slowly

Yeah, on consoles it’s the launch week, so it’s pretty much the same effect: big event causes a spike, then the number of players tapers off and goes back down. Point being the same as in my initial reply: if they add servers willy-nilly now, they’ll be left with way too many after the numbers go down. They’ll be monitoring the situation and adding servers slowly if necessary, because they don’t want to be stuck paying for empty servers later.


If you have a mobile device, look for the official Sony “PS Remote Play” app, it’s free.

You could also use a laptop but, could make some things :roll_of_toilet_paper: a bit difficult.

Also, :potable_water: :open_hands:

Yeah they need to add 5 more siptah servers for real

At least… it’s a real bummer to buy the expansion only to not be able to play it. 9 PVE American servers and all are full at all times.

Good idea… didn’t even think about this… but I usually don’t think about that stuff when I gotta run to the bathroom lol


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