All server are fulllllll

I was playing quietly, he kicks me and the server fills up, I can’t get my body back in the open air with more things.

Woah, there buddy. Take a deep breath and explain yourself better.

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It’s a poem.




It’s kinda obvious that English is not his native language and ridicule is pretty lame tbh.


I feel that pain. I counted 440 total siptah pve slots for NA. There are 600 pvp slots for siptah in NA and 240 pve-c. That’s 1280 total siptah slots for NA. We need more servers or more slots per server. When the game crashes there’s no telling when or even if you’ll be able to log back in that day.

edited for accurate number of slots


Your are right, I apologize.

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They gotta really make more servers and focus on population. Increasing it would make the game so much more enjoyable

Firstly, did you just assume the original poster’s gender? What century are you from?

Secondly, to automatically assume that English isn’t his or her first language is doubly arrogant. What makes you think the original poster’s language isn’t English? They could be a professor in English at Harvard University for all we know. Don’t start throwing rocks when you live in a glass house.

Edit: Look at the poster’s profile picture. It’s someone smoking hella ganja - even the username is a strain of marijuana. The poster is probably baked out of his or her mind. Put your critical thinking hat on next time.

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Oh shut up. If it ain’t obvious to you than you need to actually go buy yourself a “ critical thinking hat”. Reply all you like I’m done and won’t be reading it

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