Low Server Count, Slot Capped? 5 Servers PVE-C!?

Surely this is a joke? 5 PVE-C Servers for EU. So only 200 people are aloud to play PVE-C in the EU for isles of siptah? No regional restrictions either so I have purchased it and cant even join a server with decent ping. Not looking good Funcom it takes merely 10 mins to setup a vanilla Conan server through G-Portal…

Hey there,

More Official servers have been added to cope with demand. You can see an updated list here:

How can we find ip for direct entry 6416 @Ignasi

Well Day 2 of release, 9 Servers available for PVE-C EU Isles of Siptah, Slots are full on all servers. Only 360 people from EU are able to play their regional servers. I see 25k people playing Conan through Steam now. Surely you have more than 360 people wanting to play this game mode in this region? We are a clan of 3 that managed to get in yesterday and cant get in at all today. We had structures down that will now of decayed. Really disappointed.

Vyperelux is a friend of mine. We have been wanted to play together since launch but our server is always full its official 6008, Iv had to play by myself now for 2 days without 3 friends that cant even dam join me because they work and cant get on till 6pm ish. The sever is full all dam night. How am i meant to play with my friends that have all spent the money for Siptah and they cant even dam play it for 2 days. I think this is completely disgusting how you aren’t putting up enough servers to accommodate the demand. Sort this out please, we have all gave our money to you and have nothing to show for it.
I would like a reply ASAP or 3-4 of us are going to refund it on steam. I’m also a streamer I have many hundreds of people watch me play games. Its in your interests to get this fixed ASAP.
Why on earth cant you put up more servers?

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