We started a brand new PVE-C server 40 slots come play with us

Its a PVE-C server 40 slots the name of the server is Conan Exiles VP server.

the PVP is 17h to 23h

server IP:

Discord : discord.gg/nm8ubWer

Server is brand new only 3 players playing in so far if you have any question come on discord btw Server is America and we have 4-5 mods nothing big expect for the 1000 stack insted of 100 and if people dont like any mods on the servers we will remove it not a problem.

is it going to stick around? Hate to join and have it disappear!

yes its gonna stay around but we changed the location cause they did a mistake and put the server in germany loll the new ip =

that server address is not up and running…


yeah we had trouble with the server sorry about that now server is 100 % up and ready.

We had to bring the files from the other server to this one to make sure nobody lose anything.

it works now…registered as Kahlan there…not sure if the chat is working though

perfect i saw you on the server ill take a look at the chat system then cause i didnt see you type anything

we have now 7 players playing in thx to evryone

I cannot seem to join the discord or server

been on a few times…y’all must be hiding! :slight_smile: