🍻[PC] "Siptah-PVE-Default" us/canada east,64slot,optional-discord

My friends and I will be throwing Isles of Siptah on our dedicated server (from So You Start) on the 15th.


Intel i7-6700K (4c/8t) 4GHz 
64GB DDR4 2400MHz, 

The server is connected to the QIX exchange point; it has great latency for both US-East and Canada-East.

We’ve hosted private (passworded) Conan Exiles servers in the past, but for the DLC we’re opening it to the public, so that we can hopefully show others some of the fancy (ridiculous) things we build.

The server will be running default rates, and with no mods. We also have a discord server setup, incase any players want to contact us about griefers or server stability issues.

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Why would someone want to be on a private server playing vanilla instead of an official.
I can think of several reasons why to do official, so tell me your reasoning.

I think it cool you are offering this early. The Mrs has said IF we get this, we will only play on the official server that has the same number as the one we are on now.

Change my mind

Because this server has hardware that the officials can only dream of, meaning that performance-wise should be much better and because you will have active admins to moderate the official server madness and griefing :slight_smile: If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I am not going to play on this server (I will have my own), just sharing my opinion.


As Narelle stated, to rent a server as strong as this one it costs upwards of $1000 per year… The server is also being hosted next to a main exchange so if you’re an NA player then latency would likely be far greater than official servers. But also the performance of the server itself is far greater and both will effect you.

On an Official Conan server It was extremely difficult to dodge attacks, creatures teleport around and you rubber band a lot.

On this unofficial server, one of my brothers and I have completed all content in the game as 2 players on default settings. Being able to dodge and react to mechanics is massive and game changing

TLDR: Official server settings/experience
Without the Official server
*Lag/Performance issues
*Resource blocking
*Random abandoned buildings in every location that is considered optimal or sought after.

tbh, I need convincing why people play official servers :smiley:

You’re both welcome to join us, the more people the better. Always fun seeing what other people build

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And the players have to wait hours or days for updates where FUncom delivers them first to the officials.
We have had days where we could not access the private servers.
Broccoli all those can be found on private serves too. The ones that are not manned have the most down time.

On the two remaining modded servers we are on I go to their discord for one reason only.
“X mod needs updating”
It will be the same on even your vanilla server. When changes come, there will be a delay in play time.
Nature of the beast.

The unofficial servers have access to update theirs the second live servers do. It’s on the host themselves if they update in time or not.

For Ark most the servers I played on have a script that automated it. If it detected a patch was pushed then it would give a 10 minute warning and restart the server with the new patch.

If you had any significant delay in play while on an unofficial server - it was due to it being poorly managed unfortunately.

I guess in that case, it would be a Con.

But to me its extremely minor since I myself never experienced that issue, but also because if I did have to wait a few hours while a host without an automated system slept. It to me would be a small price to pay over having every waking hour of gameplay significantly worse.

with 2,646 Hours in Ark and 251 Hours in Conan… almost 3,000 hours combined.
Un-officials (Run correctly)… are always the more enjoyable option. But it requires you talk to the hosts/community to make sure it’s a right fit.

I have blindly joined an unofficial ark server for a night and it was gone the next day - That stuff does happen, but it was also me blindly picking a server with 0 information gathered. It may have just been someone testing it, It was not advertised and there was no discord.

To each their own though.

We just felt like, if we’re going to purchase a private Jet and there are empty seats being wasted… why not share the love with those still waiting to board an overcrowded plane that has no leg room and all the other problems that come with cheap flight.



Morning everyone on the east-coast! :coffee:
We’re standing by to bring the server online the second the DLC is released. Our configs are already ready to go.

We’ve had the Conan server process crash once (which we rebooted from within a minute or so), and had a hotfix released today which we updated to within a couple hours of its release.

From my experiences, that’s not bad. :sweat_smile: