Add more pve servers

No need to argue too much. Eu region has only 9 pve servers, means only 360 people can play at the same time. Have I paid to play only when you want?

I think you under evaluated yourselves.


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@liquidand (EU) We have more than all the other regions . Me and my friends went private , it was impossible to participate on official servers .

So I’m really displeased about other regions too. They should increase the number. Going private means I have to pay also a monthly fee, and I don’t think it worth it.


Can you tell us if those servers you’re lacking would be for Exiled Lands or Isle of Siptah?
Also, was any particular server on which you were trying to log in that was full? If it was, what’s the server number?

Thanks in advance.


Isle of Siptah servers .
8000 was the first I tried to log in with my friends and it was full .
Then we tried 8007 , the first day was ok , but the next it was full too . I didn’t try the rest so I don’t quite know if they are full too , it would be a lie to say something like this , so we went private to enjoy the game and we do :wink:. It is very logical even the PvP players to play a little pve to learn the map and the new content , so this I believe is the reason the pve servers are overrun . I guess in 2 months pve servers will relax .

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Thanks for getting back to us @stelagel,

We added more servers as we evaluate the community needs. Here’s the post we are updating when we get more servers available:

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

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So I am playing on an official server for Isle of Siptah and the servers crash or restarts while playing, then when I go to log into the server again, it is not there. I have to wait a few mins before it returns BUT that’s when Server is FULL begins and it’s not just the server I play on. If I get to log in to my server I play on, my clan mates cannot because they are constantly full.

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@Jelostas ,It is true , people cannot play in one server and jump in another so this makes things way more difficult , Still to enjoy the game right now go to a private , too many persons make private servers , you don’t need to pay your own if you don’t want to. We are veterans in this game , all we need is to see and learn untill we decide where to build our dominance . After all it needs a couple of weeks or more until we learn the basics of the map , I believe until this point PvP players will go PvP and the pve servers will be free again :wink: . My PvP team is in a fast pve server learning the map , the next week they will jump on PvP servers , they already miss the excitement of PvP , I don’t , i just like to play with them :rofl::rofl::rofl: , what can I say … i am to old for this s…t :wink: . I love to farm and decor .


I prefer to play on official as I don’t like anyone having access to the control panel in game. Yes I have dabbled in the private game to see if I can build a certain way but I have started just doing all of it on official as that is basically the game.

I also know that yes, this is first week and most players will fade after a week or two but there really does seem to be a shortage of good ping official servers available.

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Hold on dude our time is near :wink: . I love to give what I have farmed to the ones they need , I hate admin support . So in 2 or 3 weeks max I will start official again .

It’s all good, I get on and play. Just enjoy playing when my clan can play too all at the same time.

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@Jelostas ,True , very true :+1: .

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