More official servers in Europe?

I mean Siptah is a master piece !
A big thank you funcom for that good work !
But now we discover we have just 10 pvp - pve - pve -k servers on official :frowning:
The problem is at 18:00 they are all full .
There are some plans to add some more servers ?
Can we support to take more servers online ?( official not privat servers )

Thanks and a great time :slight_smile:

I’m really disappointed. Buying a game and play when they want is near a scam. Problem is that it’s not possible to ask for reimbursement, so almost a theft. I would like to know from funcom, have you planned to sold 1k copies for PS4? If the answer is yes, please close the software house and open a fast food.

I have 1 hour a day (not all the days) free for playing, and I have to lose 30 minutes and more hitting X and hoping that someone leaves the server…

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