More EU Servers please

Can we have some more pvp in eu aswell on ps4. Couldnt play with my friends last night as all the servers only had one space


We have a whole bunch of EU PS4 servers being brought online later today.

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Get another 100 EU pvp servers going while you’re at it, that way some of us who haven’t even gotten a chance to log on yet a chance to play!!

Most of the servers will be PvP, to meet popular demand. :slight_smile:


Fix the rubber banding if you can as well on the EU servers, thanks.

More servers are nice and dandy, but could we also get some afk check and the queue-ing system people have been requesting? On steam the server info for the server i’ve invested time on was showing 49/40 players. A handful of the players i’ve met were fully afk and dead in the couple of hour span i managed to play last night.
Out of curiosity I did check for free servers, ticked off show full servers, got a list of 2 servers, clicked join but it was already full.

I want my Money Back this is BS and Cheated every one…

All the EU servers are full on ps4 so it’s impossible to start or make progression. It’s would be great if Funcom added more servers a lot more. The game is very popular so add the servers please