Give us more EU Official PVP Servers

It is now Day 6

Dear Funcom Dev Team
Pleas let us Play your Game.
Why is it not possible to Ad 10 new PVP Server for EU.

Me an my Buddy cant play because all servers are full with 40 Players
So Please giv us some reply what will you do.
Many players will loos the interest becaus we cant Play

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Hello funcom.
PS4 PVP server all full.
99 PVP servers with 39/40 or 40/40 occupied. We have already invested in two server time and can not get up. What should that be with 99 EU server only online. We want to play but it does not work. Money is gone and no one can play. Me and my members are upset. ■■■■■ game only if no one can on it brings nothing.:rage::rage::rage::rage:

MFG Golf1989

man no one knows where to complain about these server problems…

Funcom has to say it g portal so there are more servers in the pvp EU area. I wrote one with g-portal.

We have to tell funcom that we need server because otherwise the players stay away. It’s a cramp to play pvp and defend your base if you do not come to the server because it’s overcrowded.

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