Add more EU Server

Hello Devs - till yesteray we all wait for more EU Server (PVP). It´s 14:14 o´clock and an every Server are almost full…
come on guys u saled 1 Million copys and u dont have Server for 20k People?!
u Need min. 25 eu Server more!!!


Bitterepille is not alone!!! We all wait for it! Come on :frowning:

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ok, secound day now and all server full.
since Yesterday there are 81 EU Server. yesterday at 08:00 PM there where 75.
where the Servers to playing???
im waiting with 3 other friends to join an Server but with this bad support on server and low numbers it will nerver hppen.
Funcom didnt you know that release was yesterday and than lots of players will playing and buy your game?

is this not distressing for you.

Make new EU PVE Servers and not like yesterday 3 new, make +25 or 50.


ok i see now 183 official Server for all.
lol, that are 7320 player for the world.

Rofl thatcouldnt be an joke!


I now have bases on 5 official servers. All servers are always full. When I see 39/40 I jump in on that server, start from scratch. But next day I have no way to get on that server again… Need many many many more servers please.

still no more Server.
all full.


Yes Please! Playing this on and off since day 1, waiting for official launch since then. But no, not spots for me…
Bump up the limit to 60 per server and add many more!

stop jumping server guys. make one ur main. cuz people who actually dedicate to 1, cannot log in cuz some temporary serverless soul desperetly needed to play while waititng for their own server spot.

All PvP servers are mostly a free market for the large numbers of invasive Asian people who can not or will not play on their own continent servers. A large part of my own clan can not log onto our characters character during the structure-damage time period, due to the huge influx of players, and lack of servers.

Now, I am against that myself, tbh, the “You can only damage structures within this amount of time”, but I understand why it is implemented. Sadly it is rendered useless because many can not get onto the servers. Shame.

Some Dev are read my thread? What is your plan? u need many more Server NOW!

Please order more AMERICAN servers FIRST!

We have a larger player base and are in more desperate need!

Thank you!

nobody wants to Play on a private Server dude :smiley:
take care of your problems

well you can only play on one server at once, and there is max 39 other ppl there, what will be the big difference??
your problems seem to superseed mine, so i let you go first.

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