Only 200 American players allowed to play on official servers?

What kind of launch is this? do you even have enough servers for the amount of people that bought the game? Or are you just expecting people to shell out for a private server right away?

Come on.


Not only American. All 5 PVE-C on EU are also full. If I buy a game, I want to be able to play it.

Amateuristic launch.


Yeah all European servers are full too. Have been refreshing for an hour or so now, I don’t think I’m going to waste any more time on that tonight.

It does make one wonder why a queue functionality was never implemented - and why the Steam server browser is unable to find CE Official servers.

On the flipside, congrats to the Funcom team on releasing a popular product :wink:


Is there more than 200 players over there? Oh well, I guess we should expect a rise of playerbase with an expansion.

Don’t worry, those servers will thin out.

Paid money , cant play, this is an NGE
There are 6 US servers and 3 have ping low enough to play and yes they are all full.


I’m pretty sure that 3 hours ago there were around 12 American PvP Siptah servers. Now I see 17. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re only spinning up new servers as demand requires it.


Having more than 5 NA PVE server on release would have been nice no? They probably mostly needed some cash quickly because of the covid and didn’t bother to be ready to deploy enough servers for it… Other than that i don’t know how they though that amount would be remotely enough compared to the amount of the old map servers they are running…

(oh and the 0/40 servers is just not reporting the amount of players on it when i click to join it’s full too)

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