Add more Servers!

Logged off to do some errands and I can’t get back on my server.

You need to add more.


I am sorry to hear that you’re having trouble joining a server. Funcom is monitoring the situation and we’re working on addressing the matter.

just bought the game, cant find any servers to join, hope they add more

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Need more official EU PVP servers!

No servers at shout america :S , there were only 3 two hours ago but now its just empty :expressionless:

I also can’t play, all EU official servers are full :disappointed_relieved:

Funcom you are a joke.
Only 3 servers for southamerica?
Since min 1 pvp was 40/40
And now you took down the servers?
I know that you will put more servers eventually. But why take down the ones that you have?

your more than welcome to come join my server xx dedicated private server xx x5 gathering x3 exp. pve server name is The Dirtysouth

active admins xx and we have discord …

We’re in the process of bringing more servers up.


More EU PVP Server pls!!!

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The thing i dont understand is how could you launch a game with so little servers? I mean 30 pvp servers for EU equal 1200 people??? Is that a joke? And then dont have more prepared to launch? still release is almost 4 hours and still 30 PVP Servers for EU?

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Exactly, looks like they had zero preparation and planning for the release of the servers… 1 PvP for SA. Really shameful for a big software company. BUT, the game looks great!

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Been sat here for an hour refreshing the server list.

I am finding it hard to believe they didn’t prepare for this, they are not new to the gaming world, infact they were actually one of the first mmo companies in the world.

I know Funcom hold the record for launch day mess ups (ala Anarchy Online) but I didn’t expect to be sitting here some 16 years later doing the exact same thing, they need x4 as many EU servers up at least! It’s not even peak time yet…


an answer would be nice… how the progress is

New Oceanic servers are now up. We’re in the process of bringing up new servers across other regions within the next few hours. Thanks!

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thanks for update!

Eu PvE Servers are also full almost since release xD

Yeah, we’ll have more EU servers up too.


Good news thanks!

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good news thx:) hope not just 5^^

For EU? Definitely more than 5.