We need more servers for all regions!

Dude i don’t know what the devs were thinking lol. The highest server number i’ve seen is 3800… That means less than 20% of the population of this game can play online at a time… This is for ps4 only! They sold 1mil copies of ps4 conan exiles so why can they only accommodate a little over 100k? seriously this needs to be one of the first things that get fixed…


West coast is just getting off work and NA PVP servers are at max capacity for hours now. I guess no exile for us.


they only had added in like 4 pvp NA servers in the last 7 hours :frowning:

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When i was in, there were a ton of idle bodies standing on top of a pile of their own bodies. So people are logging in and leaving. Hours of waiting and I still can’t get back in to play…unless i start a new character on a new server…again.

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Judging by the sparse few they’ve been rolling out on all platforms today, and the paltry amount ready to go at launch, a plethora of official servers is not within their business model.
I’m sure some more will come up across the board, not nearly enough, but the damage is already done.
I’ve seen companies hang themselves like this far too often.
To put it simply; they were being cheap. Money into servers is why so many can’t play on launch day.
What was saved today will be lost tomorrow ten fold.

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complete fail… so shameful. I’ve seen better games fail because of this exact same thing. Piss poor planning

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I honestly don’t think it is poor planning.
Its 100% intentional.

NA has 42 pvp servers and EU has 52 . and EU servers pvp have opening when NA doesn’t

Na has 14 on xb1…dafuq?

Got back into my server just now after a couple hours chilling, dashboard in 5 secs.
Didn’t even touch the controller to let it load lol

Try opening single player and running around for a bit, then rejoin your multiplayer server. Apparently this is a common issue

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If that works I’m demanding a refund lol

Nah didn’t work. Dashed again

Raider why would the lack of servers be intentional? It doesn’t even make sense from a marketing stand point.

Business, maximizing profits. Renting our own servers is win win for them

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