It's impossible to play on PS4 NA Official PVP servers, they are all full!

Been trying for over 2 hours now to play on my server that I started yesterday, then I go to look at the rest of the officials and they are all full too except for the PVE conflict ones and I don’t really want to play on those.

Needs more servers or more people per server. This is ridiculous.


I’m still trying, there are currently 3 servers I’m on and can’t get into any of them for several hours. It seems that the only way to play would be single player right now. I get that the game is at peak popularity but by the time I’ll be able to get on a server with any sort of regularity I’m going to be way way behind everyone else.

It isn’t fun staring at the server screen for hours on end. If you don’t get on at 7 am or something, you are just not going to play that day and thats ridiculous. This will probably go on for a couple of weeks I’m guessing and then people will quit playing and by that time every server will be ruled by an alpha clan that doesn’t let anyone build and they will be so far ahead of everyone that its too late.

The only way to play officials is find the one or two servers that have 1 open slot at the moment and start over every time and thats no good. This is very frustrating. I’ve refreshed the thing hundreds of times today hoping to get on one of the 3 servers I’ve built on with zero success.

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This is reduclious. I made a character on the lowest pop NA server last night now it is full. All the servers are full except 9, and the lowest pop server of them is 37/40!!!
Seriously? Add more servers.
I hate game companies with bad Developers, and this company is off to a really HORRIBLE start.
In a game that requires teamwork how are you ever supposed to play with your friends?

I know I’ve trying all day to get on my friends server, seems impossible

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