NEED WAY MORE SERVERS Impossible to play on PS4

I made a character last night on the least populated America Server, played for a few hours and logged off. Today that server is impossible to log into because it is full. There is no way to get in a que, or even an easy way to refresh the list.

All the North American servers right now are full except for 9 the lowest pop of which is 37/40.

With this situation the game is unplayable, when you have to make a new character every time you want to play.


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Yo those bastards are greedy asholes . They are knowing that a lot of players will quit after 2 weeks so they didn’t rented more servers.
And cmon 40 players each server? When the game came out 2 years ago it was also only 40 but the sice of the map was a 1/3…

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Sry for my rudness but I’m trying since 8 hours to get back in game after a crash. Drinking in the mean time a lot of beers. What makes me angry is that the same thing happened 2 years ago when it launched as EA on the pc. Back then I was so frustrated that I quitted the game.
Silly me to buy this game a second time…

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Almost a week a later and still nor nearly enough servers!

Necesitamos nuevos servidores y servidores por lo Menos de 50 / 70 .
No se puede jugar ni pvp ni pve.
A que esperáis???
Ps4 Europe.

Yeah still not enough servers, whats going on Funcom???

Yep, spent over an hour trying to get in my server (official) last night and then gave up, checked again 10 mins later and luckily got in with 39/40. It’s insane… especially annoying when you see a bunch of newbs/low lvls in the player list while you’re a regular with a built up base, etc. 40 players per server is silly. at least 60 would suffice.