Server Cap needs to be 80 or 100 NOW!

With the increased size of the world, the server cap should have been at least 70 this morning. But honestly, after playing and running perfectly smooth for the last few hours at 40, I feel 80 or even 100 would be perfectly fine.

I feel this needs to be done quickly as I already know 2 people myself whom have returned the game on steam claiming it’s unplayable. Can’t really argue with them either…technically it IS unplayable at the moment for many people.

We could really use a Dev post on this to calm the masses…


I don’t think it can handle 40 from what I’ve seen today…


Wow…that’s crazy how we’ve had such different experiences.

I played for about 4 hours this morning and think I got 1 or 2 quick fraction second rubber bands, other then that, ran flawlessly with a constant 40 man load.


Server population is hard coded at a cap of 70. The have lower this on the official servers for stability.

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Hi Funcom,

You screwed the pooch.

Selling so many copies of the game and not having room for us all was a bad idea.

40 players max was a terrible idea.

I’d suggest shutting the servers down, get your coders on, change the max players from 40 to 80 or 100.
Restart the Servers.

We’d be happy. :slight_smile:
Thank you!



We can play the game. So silly.

that would be great, but I can understand it couldn’t be possible for budget reasons. I can accept 60 players, but more importantly, more servers

nothing else to do but pile on lol.

seriously though, SOMEONE decided that “x” amount of servers would be sufficient for launch. with an amount, “y”, held in reserve to fill in where necessary. whenever im able to get back into my pvp official, i would like this cheapskate sent to my base. i have a cross in desperate need of a jesus christ pose.

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in america there are exactly 40 servers available for official pvp…and only 29 that are actual pvp not pve conflict. that’s enough place for 1,160 people to play…and that’s it…i don’t know who could possibly have thought this was enough but you are dead wrong, all servers are full and there is nowhere to play. Incredibly stupid choice imo…hope you guys get on opening lots more servers…what sort of company makes room for 1000 people on launch day


I’m freakin’ livid dude. All the pvp servers are full. I can’t play on the server that friends chose as their home server. And also what’s with there not being any servers that don’t have the raiding limitations?

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I didn’t know this.

Well then I feel the server would easily be able to handle 70.

It should be bumped to this as soon as possible.

13 hours online today, server at max that whole time, no rubber banding, ran nice and smooth.

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well sure they run fine now, give them a few days to throw up a couple hundred thousand build items and see how smooth it runs then?

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Problem is game wont last if only 10k players can play out of the million copies sold. Most games population drops by about 60% in first month post launch, meaning we will be down yo a 4k ghost town spread accross servers.

They need to maintain their playerbase, and having only 1% of their players able to play it not going to do that.

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This launch is ridiculous. 40 people are not enough becouse:

  1. Clan is capped on 10 - 1/4 of server population can be one clan, that is just bad.
  2. Map is huge and Funcom keeps expanding it with same tiny player cap.
  3. THERE IS NO CONNECTION QUEUE - this one is disaster. One of my friends waited 8 hours to get on server, other did not make it trough yesterday. Auto-connect trough steam is fine, if you have fast internet connection - if you don’t, people who entered after you will still be connected before you do. What more, you have no idea how many people are waiting and if it is even worthy to wait.
  4. First come first serve in server connection policy is not really smart since you have all your progress connected to one server. Server full - you payed for product you can’t use. Or you can go to another server and start over… and face the same situation later on.

If they adress those - well, then maybe 40 could be enough. Maybe.


I actually think no bigger than 70 players is perfect and I think clans should be 6-8 cap not 10. 4 big clans would essentially fill the entire server right now…

Agree, a larger server cap would be nice.


Agree that too many people may also break good experience… but increase to 50 - 70 would be nice. Altough no queue is still my bigest concern.

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40 players is perfect, “mega tribe” type people can go be toxic on ark, I personally love the dynamic of this game and the cap of 40 is perfect for a bunch of small clans to thrive and battle it out.

Well, I am not sure how it is in Ark, as I don’t play the game, but “mega” tribes can also happen in 40 ppl server and it’s really bummer - two tribes cooperating (which is half of the server in full strengh), insulting and attacking everything they see isn’t really fun, but I find this as problem of ppl being morons and not problem of small or big player cap. :smile: