Wow servers....really?

40/40 full on every server…really?

play EA for a year and now i cant play at all gee thanks guys

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i fell you on this !!! i have two serveri started to play and i cant get on ether of them this is so bs. they need someway to fix this

And all those in the forum saying throughout the EA how so few players would turn up.
The old saying, “build it and they will come” rings true once more.
The servers have been very busy, all day. Amazing.
Sorry you had trouble mate. I got in early and stayed on.

i know how you feel been playing for months my self with friends were on NA pvp #422 for a long time. seen it all change from first month of game play till release and now all of us sitting waiting to find a server to all be able to play on together and can’t and i am sure there are many out there like us in groups waiting to rejoin with our same friends. not be forced to join a server alone without your friends wich they promo the game for that type of game play… not saying here what ya get is you lone no friends in a mad chaotic start .

over 9 hours today waiting to get on a server with friends…


This sucks been playing this game from the very beginning. Watched develop and got excited to play but nope on opening day can’t play servers are full and can’t get in very upset over this. Whatever going to bed


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