Server FULL 40/40 - autojoin?

Hey what to do if server where I play is full (40/40) is possible do something like auto join? Because look non stop + refresh server list is boring.


same problem here… all server full wtf


They should really make a queue


They should kick players out of server if not on for more then a week or make it once you are on server or reach a certain level say lv30 you are permanent on server I hate waiting

Been trying for nearly 30 minutes now to get on the server i started my game on from launch day,this needs sorting out A.S.A.P.At least give us a que system or something.

@soilderblue good luck with that, I was unable to connect to our server for last two days. But I spent a lot of time first day on that server, so starting over isn’t really a good option, as it would be time wasted for facing the very same problem later again. WE NEED QUEUE.

There is auto-join feature on steam, but it doesn’t work as queue, so there is no guarantee you will make it to the server.

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Agree with you 100% we need a queue system we spend most of are time refreshing hopeing a spot comes up.

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It’s supising that a game like this does not have it.
I had to refresh so many times that the game refuses to search again.

Does anyone know if I need to refresh the whole list? I mean when I try to connect to a 40/40 Will it actually get the current real value or just make a local memory check?..

hey guys if anyone is having issues to join official pvp servers type “Official Server #2205 PvP” in search engine and you will find a server with the exact same settings and rules as official server, have fun !

Shame on you Funcom! 40/40 for hours and no queue mechanism?


That would be great. I’m still like 3 hours still full

WTF You spend hours playing and the next day they expect you to start over from scratch on a different server because the one you played on is full… It takes days to get anywhere in this game and the first hours are frustrating as hell. And don’t even BS with a que system, I payed for the game so i want to be able to play it when i f&$#%g feel like it
FIX THIS S#IT FUNCOM !!! What the hell are you idiots smoking over there ???


seriously give me your bank account ill pay you back the Money. No one Needs this. But i expect an official letter from funcom aproving you can no longer use that key!

my friend tried to connect for 3 hours!

We need more servers

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So demotivating you pay full price for the game but you cant play because the servers all full. Seriously Funcom?


My buddy was also in a queue for almost 8 hours before he was able to join. it really sucks…

I started 4 times over on different servers and cant enter one of them because they are full this is onacceptable Funcom while you payed fully im at the point to throw this game aside fun left the game for now

Hello funcom.
PS4 PVP server all full.
99 PVP servers with 39/40 or 40/40 occupied. We have already invested in two server time and can not get up. What should that be with 99 EU server only online. We want to play but it does not work. Money is gone and no one can play. Me and my members are upset. ■■■■■ game only if no one can on it brings nothing.
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