This is just stupid .. Been playing on a server, had to reboot, now I cant get back on that server

As title states … I got on a server as nr 39/40 - been playing a few hours. Had to reboot comp, and now I cant get back on the same server and continue what I were dooing because its full…

This is just flipping stupid. If you make server that only take 40 people, atleast make sure thoose playing can actaully quit the game for 10 flipping minutes and then not having to start fresh on a new server just to be able to play.

Oh, no pun intended. There are now EU servers to play on atm.


Update : My servver finally had a slot so i got in. Not logging out untill bedtime now lol

If you leave a server, you forfeit that spot and it goes to the next person waiting or wanting to enter the server. That’s how it is for most games that have player caps. If you go to a different server, you’ll need to make a new character. Feel free to wait until the spot opens again on that server to continue playing. Sorry for the trouble!

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A queue system would be nice though. I don’t mind waiting but checking the server every 5 second isn’t fun.


Or maybe… just maybe… this was poorly planned out. Lack of servers. Other games have bigger thresholds of players on servers. They can comment for people to be patient. What we got though was 40 players per server.

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Yeah, a queue system would work well. Sitting and spamming refresh for X ammount of time is pretty old…

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click someone in steam and “join game” you can set join to auto retry

The manual refresh is really so annoying. As everyone else says, atleast a automatic queue system would ease things up a lot.

I have been trying to get into my server for 3(!!!) hours now, without any success because the server is always full when i refresh.
When you got into the game and gained a few levels and built a base you want to continue on that server. It cant be so that funcom want us to switch between several servers just because your “main” server is full.

Will there be a bigger player cap. in the future for official servers? @Spynosaur_Nicole

But from what the OP said, he did not leave the server. He had to reboot his comp, which is not the same as leaving the server, Leaving the server is going to the option menu and logging off the server.

He’s just asking for a 10 minute window just in case there is a technical problem of some kind.

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It seems they did not expected that much ppl to play on launch day! But even so, they should had extra servers open aswell per server region. Close them if they do not populate it after some days, now, a lot of people can’t play because they need to wait for the extra servers come up.

That, or raise the server capacity for 70. Its a bummer not being able to play something you planned to.

Xb1 same here. Can get in after awhile, but dashboards within secs.
This launch is a soup sandwich.

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welcome to my world

expect that many ppl to play? its a open world online game at most part built around the pvp… they knew how many copies were sold so they should of well known how many servers really needed… i know of a lot of ppl that been playing for months that are still waiting to get in and can’t. cause of not enough servers to house all the copies sold.

Please do not treat us like we are dumb and we don’t understand what what happens when a server is full. The real issue is that your company did not provide necessary services. If those services were provided, this would not be an issue. Every single NA PVP server is full. Me and my two friends didn’t even get to log in a server yet where all 3 of us could be in at one time.

Your response also would advice people to never turn their PC off as much as they can. This means people will AFK to not lose their spot in the server and block access for others.


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