Full Servers...need to be addressed immediately

First of all, let me start by saying that I love this game…as do thousands of other people. Therein lies the problem. Servers are full most of the afternoon and well into the night (particularly during peak hours from 1700-2300).

I have found myself sitting in front of the server list for 30min…an hour…trying to snag a chance at logging in to play. As much as I love this game this will be the inevitable “deal-breaker” demise of this game if you don’t publicly address it immediately. Some PR and honest discussion about this problem might go a long way in helping put out the fires that are beginning to smolder beneath this issue.

There have been many great suggestions on how to deal with this problem. I am not a game developer and therefore know nothing about the trials and tribulations of making some of these ideas come to fruition. However, I am a gamer…and as a gamer I can tell you that if I find that I often can’t log in to play the game I will stop trying. I could be mowing the lawn or spending time with my beloved. But, I would rather shoot a thrall in the face with an arrow. If I can’t log in to play…I will have to resort to more primitive forms of entertainment like…playing cards. I don’t think you want that on your conscience do you?

To this end I propose that you consider a few things that might help alleviate the problem.

  1. More servers: Obviously this is the primary issue. Increase the number of servers particularly in America as these seem to have the most trouble with availability (from what I can tell).

  2. Que for servers: Each server should have a Que that will allow you to auto-join based on your position in line for server availability.

  3. Increased server cap: Even if you only increase each server cap by 25% this would still allow 100s of additional players to log in and play which will at least decrease the number of people crying out for your immediate persecution.

  4. Introduce an AFK timer: I really think if a player has not moved for 30 minutes then the penalty should be death…erh…uh…I mean, they should be automatically logged out. This would allow some of those people in the que that are waiting to play to actually be able to play!!!

  5. Consider allowing free server hosting until you get all of this worked out and then allow a transfer of the free server to an official server when the issue is resolved or possibly allow those servers to become paid servers but at a reduced rate. After all, they helped take a substantial burden off of you during this critical time.

This is a very real problem for the future of this game. I know you are working hard to resolve it. It would be helpful if you would address this publicly and give us information on what you are doing and an estimated time frame for you to get it done. I implore you, do not ignore the masses on this one. I never write comments or suggestions…but, I did today because I want to see this issue fixed as much as the next person and I am sure you do as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a great day.


Es necesario tener una cola de espera para entrar en el servidor, expulsar los jugadores inactivos y subir el numero máximo de jugadores en el servidor. En mi clan somos 10 y hay gente que termina por apagar su ps4 y no jugar porque se llevan mas de una hora intentando entrar en el servidor.

Yesterday Funcom announced they are working on some QoL improvements suggested by community. I really hope this will be the case and que with afk timer is comming. :slight_smile:

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La cola de espera para unirse al servidor tabién es necesaria bajo mi punto de vista.

We even considering making a huge wall around newbie spawns. cuz at least 10%-20% of our (seazoned player’s) gametime goes into the refreshing screen due to overpopulation and server being almost non stop 40/40 well at least in prime time.

Also telling new ones to leave and find a less populated server. but that both feels bad… so it is a NEEDED limitraise for sure.

Bump… well put. Its been 3 days on american server 3742 & cant get in. If i cant get in even to just play a hour or 2 tonight im just going to say screw it & not even attempt till the weekend. Wich sucks because typically the weekends for games are much more busy. Idk maybe ill get up in the wee hours of the morning on saturday to hopefully just log in then go back to sleep so that when i do get up im actually ble to play.

Sad that we have to think like that in order to figure out a time to play. This is exactly what I was talking about. Players will get discouraged from playing if they can’t play when they have time to do so.

Good. This will help. It’s not a solution so much as bandage but it is a start. I’m glad that the company is listening and trying to improve this. Thanks for the update Sonnyslav.

I agree to everything on this post !!!
It’s like you are speaking for me on these matters.
Great job
Well said
Maybe they will see this and listen.

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I have to suggest using the auto connect function in steam. It’s not a Que system but it attempts to connect you as soon as there is a free spot.

The issue with more slots on servers right now is that the performance can really handle it and no company in there right mind would do free server hosting :sweat_smile:

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I second this
Espacially more capacity and a queue system

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Free server hosting would only be temporary in order to alleviate the stress on the existing servers. It certainly wouldn’t be permanent. I appreciate your input.

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They can’t increase server cap because they want everyone to build everything everywhere with no limits. And they wonder why their servers can’t handle it. A dedicated person could take over the entire server if they wanted to. Genius idea.

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