New people prevent access to veterans to the server

Game mode: Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: europe

I write it here because I consider it a failure.
the issue is that if a player has been playing for months on an empty server and is now full, should not have a reserved place on that server with priority to people who have been playing 1 day? In my opinion once 40 players start playing on a server, those places should be fixed on that server for those players because if not the faithful veterans can not play now and the construction map of people who are not playing is going to slow

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It’s probably going to be like this all month sadly. Been playing on same server for a year now and been trying to get into it for 20 minutes now

the normal thing would be that the id of each player is associated with the server and once it is full that no one else can enter.
and if in x days you dont enter to play as the structures are destroyed that link are deleted

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As a side note my private server is full first time since I have had it. Witch is close to a year went from 12 when I got home to 20 when I got off 75 percent new players witch is great. Just hope I can get on my self. LOL

I have characters on four different servers (with one conquest as my main).
I haven’t been able to log into either of them for the last two days.
My brother hasn’t been able to log into any of his servers either T.T

my clan has been trying to enter the server for 30 min.
We have been playing for a long time here and now we cant because the server is full of level 5 players

I agree 110% on this, it’s insanity. Go from 10 active people on an official server to not being able to get on for HOURS due to 40 lvl 5-15 new people. You get on, do a little bit of stuff, get error/disconnected and bam, wait another 1hr + to get back on to find your body has vanished and all your epic high end gear destroyed.

You really really just F-ed all of your veteran players who play every day. I’m all for new blood but you did NOTHING to limit the insanity. Now there’s 100 new lvl 5’s on almost every official server and all your Veterans can’t get on. Congrats, you’re going to drive away 75-90% of all the people who paid you money, to fill up with new people who didn’t. (90% of which won’t buy your next DLC, which I’m sure is your hope… even though most of your veterans would have).

I can’t be more disappointed in your company for making this a free game. :(. Going to ruin a great game.


They simply need a queue system for logging into servers.


Exactly! Or they should have added more servers since they should have known this would happen.


I would rather they keep the servers the same (since most were woefully under-populated.) and focus on allowing some leeway during peak hours.

Example: Servers cap at 40. Private servers cap at 70. When servers get to 40 during peak hours, allow them to be played at 50-60 for a few hours each day.

Perhaps they are unable to work out a deal with the server company like that… but a Queue system and a little overflow could be very handy.

it was obvious that this was going to explode this month

i know what you mean. My admins and i couldn’t get all of us on last night. 40 person private. There should be a way to atleast save spot for the admin clan, as in times of issues we need to be on quickly. Only way i would be able to think if some thing came up is to shut down server to kick everyone, but then that would piss off my patrons :confused:


Exactly what I was thinking. I can get hold of my regular players on psn network I ask them to friend me. Use phone

As much as i know i am frustrated about officials being stuffed full right now, saving spaces for veterans seems kind of self important. I understand the vets paid for the game. But what about those that paid in full day 1. Do they get in over people who paid discounted price? What about people who joined 1 month ago on that particular server? The officials a free spots. As much as it pains me to say, free means first come first serve. A queue is something i could see being beneficial and would back 100%. Holding spots because someone might get on is not a solution. On privates, i could say yeah, if the admin wanted to, since they are paying for the actual server, then it should be an option. But catering to the play times of “vets” is, imo, an entitled train of thought that has killed most of the pvp officials already. New blood is welcome in my eyes.

Let the hate threads come at me for bringing logic to the discussion :confused:


For most games you’d be right. My issue, however, is that I have a limited time to play on a daily basis and having the servers full means I have effectively not been able to play.
If I can’t log into my main server within the next few days I will lose everything I have built and made simply because the server was full when I could have played.
Full servers is a real issue with a game that can wipe out months of effort if you can’t log in for awhile.

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That is a good point…Maybe Funcom should expand the decay rate to 4 weeks, as it may cause issues there.

In a few days, I predict 1/2 the noobs will fall off because they will not like the grinding aspect.


Yeah I was thinking this too. I hopped on Tuesday to see the “Party on Newb River” and just walk by people and wave. Its fun to see the absolute horrible ghetto it is at first. My real plan was to just visit my bases in a few days after this. I usually am on nightly. Not during this escapade. Its like living in New Orleans and getting the hell out of town when Mardis Gras hits. I DO feel for the people who have narrow windows to keep their stuff though. One thing I have noticed… a lot of the new people were just AFK. They need a better system to knock you offline if you are idle too long. Death isn’t cutting it.


Maybe we try this?



I’ll bring the Slayer CD

It’s a long shot, but its the only shot we got… let us begin construction of the drill immediately!

And ps, not trying to cater to veterans of the game per se, but I’d like a way to get back on to get my body and epic armor when the game kicks me off (per usual) due to a bug or blue screen error and the two hrs later when I can finally log back in to see my naked body back at camp and get back on get the message “your stuff has decayed”. Lost two full sets of epic gear so far, don’t see an end in sight. If it prevents me and my clan from getting on (as we sometimes have limited chances some days) too often, losing entire camps is a very real concern and months of work, there’s really no choice but to quit playing and find a new game.

I see no reason a que system can’t be the case, or a 14-day decay timer and that priority be stacked by level in the game in said que. If you’re a new 60, great you get first dibs too; as by then you have stuff to protect also,. Then it doesn’t matter free/ paid etc. give first rights to those who need it. 60s move to top in first come first server order, then 59s and so down the list.

Yeah, I know that might mean you have to wait as a lvl 5; but if anyone has too… shouldn’t it be the new blood til they level up and earn the privledge.