Official server#3052

Ok so today the server’s had a big maintenance and update, so why is this server still having the same problem of not being able to login after a certain time, tried login in several times just now and low and behold stuck in loading screen as before, problem is obviously not solved, come on please sort this out

Yeah, I was already like wow maybe finally this would be fixed but alas no. Theres no hope for us server 3052 dwellers it seems.

Ok new day, it’s 13:00, and guess what, can’t log on to the server, this has been going on to long, absolutely ridiculous, I love the game but this is killing it, if something isn’t done now, the player base on consoles will die, if it hasn’t already, I’m at the end of my patients with it @Mayra @ whoever else is in charge

I have the same problem now. 5 Hours ago i was able to login. i am sure i will die again becouse of hunger while waiting at the loadingscreen. (same server)

It‘s so ridicoulus. Since 2 month there are problems and „they are working on it“.

i can only log in early in the morning. but then i have to work. game is unplayable.

i am fed up with this s h i t.

seems to me they cannot find the problem. and there‘s no matter to funcom because of those few people playing on 3052.

they should do a server transfer for our characters on an functional server. 3052 is dead.

@Hugo @Mayra, so we obviously do not deserve a response, we are informing you of problems, issues, yet we are being ignored, I think the player’s on this server have been pretty patient and deserve some respect, maybe I will get in contact with media and inform them of how bad it is for consoles, and how terrible the support system is, so in future other console player’s can avoid getting the game to avoid real disappointment, apologies but that is how I feel now

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Hello everyone,

We understand your frustration and we’re doing our best to attend to the issue found in the server. However, threats are not tolerated and the following information isn’t constructive to be forwarded to our team.

For those reasons, unfortunately, we’ll close this thread now.