Can't connect to server 3052

EU server 3052 pve conquest, cannot connect to it, happening every early evening, can connect to other server’s, but not that one, it can be connected to early in the day, this is very frustrating, I have reported it a few times, but had no response, please help here


Still cannot connect to server 3052, can connect to other server’s like 3051, but 3052 is my main, it’s been like it for week’s, can get on before midday GMT, but not again until the next morning, very annoying, and really peaved, thinking of absolutely deleting the game and never look back with all this and the bug’s, and still no replies to any of my report’s, does anyone actually listen?

Well another night that can’t be played because cannot connect to the server, and what have you got to do to get a response around here, really rather rude that

Hello @Chansmier, apologies for the delay in our response, we’ve looked into the server and there seems to be no apparent issue, it displays an active population throughout all days for the past week.

What kind of error message are you getting when trying to log in?

Did you have any issues with this specific server before?

Hello, and if I stay logged on all day, I can still play, but soon as I log out in the evening, you can’t log back in, it stops on the loading screen, so player’s can if they stay logged in, been trying and testing thoroughly, and my theory is a problem when the pvp time starts, also have had a lot of lagg issues in the past with the server, but I know a few other players on this server, have had the same issue and character dieing, the other thing I found testing my theories out is while you are stuck on the loading screen, your character think’s you are connected when you are not, and consequently stands up and waits to die of Hunger and thirst, hope this helps @Hugo

We’ll reach out to you privately to request some additional data regarding your network and connection.

Thank you @Hugo I don’t know what you guys did, but the last 2 night’s I have been able to log on the server

@Hugo the server is doing it again, can’t connect, the server is there as my partner is playing it right now, she joined early in the day, started trying to connect just gone 1500 hour’s GMT, hower she is reporting lagging and glitches

Can not get on this server also stuck on loading screen

This is the same thing that’s been going on with 3514. That server hasn’t let us on no matter what time of the day since Friday. You guys know that there’s a problem because so many people are telling you the same thing over and over it’s not new. I really hope someone is working on this common issue across the servers .

I hope we can get a response, and what they can do to resolve the issue

Hello, we’ll have the team look into this matter, please provide us with timestamps whenever possible (including your timezone) as it might help us pinpoint any possible issues.

I have been informed, for those of us that play on this server that unusual network activity has been detected, and gportal has been informed, I’m guessing it’s these ddos attacks that are going about

Ok I was able to login on the server last night, hopefully we all can now, until it happens again, fingers crossed

No one can. Can’t log in to 3051.

After the server resets you are able to login but if you log out you have to wait for reset again. Also don’t log out with anything in your inventory as it only appears you are stuck loading when actually your character is standing in game starving and dying.

They should pay me for this as I see no one has responded as usual.

You are not the only one who has reported this problem, it’s happening on different server’s, the exact same problems

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