Conan Exilles server #3052 PS4

EU server 3052 pve conquest, cannot connect to it, happening every early evening, can connect to other server’s, but not that one, it can be connected to early in the day, please resolve this problem

Hello @Gladi, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the server. We’ll be sure to look into it together with G-Portal.


I am also having this issue, has been going on for 3 days now

Still nothing, i’m tryng to connect right now but the problem is still here

Any update on the monitoring of this server, and when a solution is possible? @Mayra @Hugo

Hi @Gladi, we asked for a full diagnose of this server and it will take some time to review all the activity on the server. Our team is working on it to identify what could be the source of the issue.

We apologize for the wait and thank you for your patience.


Ok @Mayra thank you, hope this issue solved soon :blush:

after two weeks still nothing! it is impossible to enter

And today It’s a month that the server doesn’t work in the evening, one month!! I don’t understand why the solution to this issue took so long

now the problem is even worse! also decreased possible to enter! I loved this game but now it’s getting frustrating! horrible situation

I am playing on that server as well and since todays morning can not access it, nor any other official server.

I have a clanmate that couldn’t log in because of the awkward times she got back from work. Finally got on today to see all of her base had despawned with all of her gear and found she was dead with everything on her gone. Now she wants to just give up on the game completely. Not that i can blame her. But knowing that there are issues why would you not freeze the decay timers.

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I tried to send a message to @Mayra privatly with the screenshot of the loading screen that freeze and don’t let me enter, i Hope that She answer me

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Hi @Gladi, I repplied to your DM as well.

We already collected all the data required and our team is working on a solution.

We’re deeply sorry for the long wait.


I don’t understand if they just kidding me, almost two months now, serius???

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Would love to know what is happening with this server, the problems have been going on for month’s now, and the lag is really terrible, practically unplayable, it’s not my internet as other online games are just fine, these server’s and the game need a serious overhaul

So please what is being done to resolve this, or do we give up and move to a different game?


Hello anyone there? @Mayra @Hugo


Same here Gladi # the Artichects

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This Is what they answer me One week ago, i mean if you understand the issue why the hell After One week Is not solved already? I don’t think that this problem is too difficult to solve It in more than two months!

So what is the problem, someone hacking, some coding degradation, cheats abusing the system? The fact that nobody on their team is actually responding is appalling, I mean that was sent to you a week ago,.