Login bug 3051 Months and months PS4

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU | Living in USA]

Same as usual, can’t connect to 3051 OC PVE, until server resets. It’s been months now. I’m sure you can find my last few posts that detail the same things. Just wondering if this will be a forever problem or if maybe one day it might be fixed?

I don’t want to start playing the new map if my base will decay because I’m unable to login to the game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login to online official server.
  2. Wait for game to load in.
  3. Loading bar reaches full but the game screen doesn’t load in.
  4. Wait for game screen to load in.
  5. Keep waiting for game screen to load in.
  6. Game screen never loads in.
  7. Close the game.
  8. Play something else even though you know your base is decaying when really you just wanted to play Conan.
  9. Login as normal after server resets.
  10. Check event log to see you actually died earlier when you couldn’t log in properly. Thus losing anything in your inventory.

Hello @PriestessAthena, we’ve tweaked your post a bit to remove the unnecessary and false assumptions regarding our stance on the server issues. Please keep your reports civil and to the point.

According to the server statistics, it has an active population throughout most of the day and there’s no visible issue as far as its performance is concerned.

In order to determine whether there are any issues on your end, we’ll need you to provide exact time stamps of the times where you have issues connecting, including the timezone for these as well.

We may also reach out to you privately to gather further data regarding your connection and ISP to provide G-Portal with so that they can verify if there’s an issue on that end.

I can log into all of my other online games. There are other players on this server experiencing the same problem. Sounds good.

So how should I send or get you these time stamps cause I have a lot of them I could send… I’m sorry I’m frustrated I’ve lost more than most players as I did not have a job during the last year I had been playing Conan. We are a tribe of 2 not 20. Not to mention the days on end I would not sleep to make progress in a game and to have everything taken from me because your game is broken after I’ve spent 80$ on dlc content is a little irritating.

It’s not like I’m asking you to replace everything that was wrongly taken from me. It’s not like I’m asking to have irreplaceable items returned now that you’ve patched them out. I just want to log into the one and only server I’ve played since start. I just want to reset my bases and play the game but as of right now i can only log on after server resets.

I play an EU server and live in USA so server reset is around 1 am for me…

I do want to play Siptah as I am in fact a Conan veteran but I’m not going to risk spending money on something I can’t access and I’m not going to risk wasting time out of my life to rebuild a new base constantly because this login bug is allowing time for everything to decay.

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Please fix our server

Please fix our server. It’s been 6 months now. So many people have commented on 3051, it’s getting out of hand. Just look at it please.

Hi @PriestessAthena, apologies for the delay in our response, we’ve been in touch with G-Portal to investigate this matter further as we’ve detected a few issues with the server.

Please refrain from opening further topics on the matter unless there are none available to post on.


Thankkkkkk yoooooou so much.

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