PS4 official server 3054 bug

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I tired logging into Conan Exiles (PS4) on 30/12/2020, but after selecting the server it would get stuck on the loading screen, tried a few times with the same problem. Logged on this morning and my character has respawned in the desert having died of hunger a total of 39 times in about 45 minutesc(according to the event log), I’ve also lost all the equipment in my inventory too, which as it was through no fault of my own, I would like back asap. I can provide photos of the log and the equipment that was lost. I would like this resolved asap please.
My characters name is “Tewborg”, this happened on official server 3054, pve-c.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Any suggestions or help?

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Have not seen any of the Funcom gang on here today. I am sorry you lost your equipment but there is nothing Funcom can do about it there’s no admins on official server’s. Is there any one else on the server having the same issue?.

Most people recommend storing your equipment in a locked chest before logging out. I normally don’t bother but I might regret it.

I’m not sure to be honest, only been on there a little over a month. It has only happened the once to me. It’s a shame if they can’t do anything about it, especially as the customer (me) isn’t at fault, and it happened because their service isn’t up to par.

It’s a great game I enjoy playing, but what’s the point if you are going to be randomly losing your equipment for no reason, and with no solution?

Thanks for the reply

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I read on forum that all official server’s will be shutting down tomorrow consoles included. Must be they’re doing some sort of repair no mention of what. I have my own server I like to know what they’re going to do if it’s something we would want on it. A couple private servers I play on including mine have no loss on death. Something we started because of the problem back in the day of not being able to see your body at your feet to get your stuff back. Sucks loosing your stuff a friend on a official server Sunday had a cimmaran berserkers purge wiped his hole base in less than 10 minutes he said it was the best purge ever and is starting all over. Give it another chance is what I am trying to get across or leave till they have the updates in a couple months you will still have all the knowledge. Good luck my friend. @Tewborg

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