The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]

Unfortunately instead of being a story of adventure, exploration, and excitement. This is a tale of frustration, and despair.

For many months (since Nov/Dec’20), Many players (including myself) have experienced “infinite loading screens”.

This appears to be directly related to PVE-C servers, mainly EU. But in particular 3054, 3053 and 3052!

I have waited months for this update hoping that I would be able to play again consistently… but unfortunately this issue still persists.

The only time you can get online is straight after server restart in the morning (4-5am). But you will soon lose connection, and not be able to join again (instead becoming stuck in the infinite loading screen).

I have seen many large clans, and long time players lose 100s/1000s of hours of gameplay due to not being able to load in.

Please give all of us some guidance here… it’s been months since this was first reported. Zendesk reports have been exhausted. Can we please have some official acknowledgment of this.

I have included multiple posts below (there were lots more!). All customers that appear to be having the same issue. These are dating back to December last year. Sadly very few seem to have any response other than referral to zendesk.

I’m hoping creating this mega thread will give some context to the extent of this issue. Because it appears to be somewhat widespread.

Thank you

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Download 82GB update with great anticipation.
  2. Try to load PVE-C server 3054/3053/3052 etc.
  3. Game fails to load.
  4. Game gets stuck on infinite loading screen.
  5. Stare blankly at the nearest inanimate object.

Well said… thank you for this.


No problem, I really love this game/devs/community.
I think maybe it seemed like an isolated issue but it’s clearly not. So hopefully putting everything together will be the catalyst we need🤞. The only sad thing is so many players already lost their items, so I already feel bad for not doing this sooner.


I am with you! I hoped this will fix this. But I saw nothing about this in the patchnotes and no one from funcom do any comment to this…
It will be nice if someone say something. Even if its ‘we have no fix for this at the moment’
I feel ignored. I spend over 110€… There was a time it works. The new stuff is very nice but useless when I can not login. And it’s now for nearly an half year…
… maybe we should ask g portal. They are the server provider. Or sony as the console Plattform with a not working game.


Greetings @LordKAA,

Thank you for collecting all those threads. Our team is aware of the loading issue and we will investigate it.

Thanks for your support.


The update is here, has been applied, and… STILL, we have issues loading into some official servers.
Official PVEc #5322 If you want to see for yourself.

Multiple people from the server I play on can not get on after updating. I thought the connection issue was going to be addressed in the new patch? Are we doomed to always have to login at 5am every day for the rest of our conan lives? Can someone implement multiple restarts throughout the day with 30min warnings?

VVV This person also has the issue. We are not making this up! VVV


Pve-c EU too. Total joke this update


Flashbacks to 1 year ago all over my mind. Been there, ppl told me the exact same thing, a specific testing server was created to test what could be happening. I gave all the feedback i could, and here we are still.

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I believe the patch note said “Improved loading times when connecting to a server.”
That’s what got me excited for a fix… but no joy unfortunately.
However we have the response confirming they are aware of it. So now I have faith that they will fix it.

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Thanks for your quick reply.
If it helps I’ve tried loading in on PS5, PS4Pro & Slim.
Also can confirm this is happening on 3041, 3042, 3051, 3052, 3053, 3054 (all EU PvE-C basically).


Hey @LordKAA,

It sure helps, we are coordinating with G-portal to pinpoint the issue.

Thanks for the additional information. :slight_smile:


Also can confirm (America) pve-c 3828, 3829… and basically all of America


I used to play on 3522 aswell (I asked you where I knew you from at the time, if you remember😅), and this problem existed then… that was a while ago tbh, probably more than a year… but I think they fixed it before… So are all US servers down too?

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@RootsRemain Thanks🙂

I wonder… Xbox also have this problems with PVE-C EU ?

This has been a known issue for ALONG time. The mods on this forum always say it’s being looked into. But state nothing outside of that.

Was the patch really supposed to fix the issue and now it’s something else?

Was so excited about playing the update now it’s a waiting game. Maybe ill get to play at 5am when I’m suppose to be sleeping


Can’t confirm all but most conflict servers are down

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Yeah I know how you feel… It is pretty frustrating. Well hopefully we will see a fix soon.


Totally lost of words right now.


Hi ’
I was unable to log in to pvec servers 3053 and 3052 this morning @ 4.20am UK time. Im sure we would all appreciate some regular updates on when this is going to be fixed.
After all the fundamental biggest problem with Conan exiles’ is we can’t play . Surly after months of reports on this issue, it should have been a number 1 priority in the latest patch.
When I couldn’t log in yesterday I was simply in shock :flushed:.
This issue accompanied by decay timers is game destroying. After years of work in some cases, people are loosing everything they’ve created and worked for. Could you possibly turn off decay timers until this issue is fixed. Please help :pray: and thank you for the swift response. @Mayra