PVE-C 1 Year Old Problem Fixed?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Portugal]

Hello @Community i have Two questions.

1st - 1 Year ago the PVE-C servers were having this problem with Benches / Walls / Torches / Doors pretty much everything not loading and then the stamina being very buggy or your character couldn’t move when you logged in. Have this problems been solved in the 2.3 update?

2nd - Will we be able to play or just be able to Log in? Because if you guys fix the loading issue and we still have the broken stamina / Stuff not loading / Character not moving, it will be another month or more of ppl crying on the forums and we going nowher with this.

Im asking this because i remember the dev stream when they explained what was causing this problems and they they would optimize the servers etc (https://youtu.be/Hj4SPe_7-Z4?t=450).
I still couldnt test it out on PVE-C since we had the loading screen issue. Althru when there was an American PVE-C server Up with no loading issues i logged in and i still had the stamina issue and stuff not loading for me.

I cannot imagine myself being locked out of the game for more time. I already Waited 1 year, then 2.3 happened and i was pretty sure i would be able to play Conan again. Then loading screens happened. And if my experience from the American server is true, servers are still as broken or worst from 1 year ago.

Gona leave some old posts bellow about the matter.

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I even tested a server you guys created because of this.

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Almost 1 Year now, and my problem still not fixed


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