Almost 1 Year now, and my problem still not fixed

Game mode: [ Online ]
Game type [ PvE-C ]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Portugal]

Hello everyone.

Im here once again after almost a year have passed. I did way to many complains in the past, waited
endless months and days for a fix to the problems in Ps4 - PvE-C.
I explained everything that was going on to Hugo, Gave him feedback when they crated a specific Testing server only to understand what is going on with the servers, and posted several Topics explaining what is going on with the PvE-C servers on PS4.
I eventually quited the game, but i keept an eye always entering in my server and checking if it works. Turns out almost a full year has passed and i got 0 fixes for my problems. I still cant play in PvE-C Servers because i get massive rubberbanding issues, Lag issues, Stuff dont loads, I cant move when i log in, And now i cant even log in anymore to check if the server is better, I cant even pass the loading screen now.
I would LOVE if someone could tell me what the F… is going on here. Its not just ME who cant play. I played with 2 other friends and they have the exact same problems. I would love if someone could fix this problems. OR if you can’t fix this problems at least give me the money i payd for DLCS, OR give me some sort of compensation. I payed for content that i cant use because you guys can’t fix the servers.
Its been almost a full year since i cant do anything in the servers. 1 YEAR without any Fix to my issues. PLZ have some respect for the players who are trying to support Conan and actually enjoy the game.

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They have a new place to report to now. fe3bb1e83d9148a154e7f1ab699c798090c98bcb_2_690x1226 seems like pve c pvp have new problems from when you on last I play on pve and running smoothly Ps4.

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Hi @ImLegend7z_PT,

Apologies for the inconvenience, as @sestus2009 stated, we have now a new system in place to help us address those kinds of issues. Please submit a ticket here:

Thanks in advance.


Thanks. Already did and im now awaiting an answer.


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