PvE-C server 3828 issues

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America]

I play on the PvE-C server 3828. Been playing for over a month have a great base and am level 60. I convinced several friends to play the game with me. Three of them find that server unplayable. They experience severe rubber banding, stamina issues, enemies will melee hit them even though they appear to be off in the distance, etc. Please help with these issues. They don’t experience this on other servers and I don’t want to abandon my game. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

PvE Server 3737 does this on occasion too. The only way I’ve found to fix this issue is to wait it out, it usually only lasts for 20 minutes max with ours. How long has this been happening?

About a week. One of my friends logs in daily to see if it resolved. We had hoped the recent update would fix it but no luck.

Hey @Gr8Loki

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Does this issue only happen to a few of them but not you?
Is there any big constructions in that server? Also, which console model do you all have? Has any of you installed the game in an external drive or a SSD?

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The issues happen with three people in our group. The rest of us including me don’t experience these issues. We play on PS4. All three of them have tried other servers and don’t experience this. They don’t have the game on an external drive. One of them played with me till lvl 50 and then it started. Our base isn’t huge but there are some large bases far away from ours. Solutions my friend tried are, restarting his character, using an external drive, changing PS4’s (he owns 2), changing servers. Again changing servers seems to be the only option that works. But the rest of us have put considerable time into 3828. All three of my friends who are experiencing these problems also have very fast internet speeds.

Any suggestions for a possible resolution? We are totally stumped as to why that specific server seems to have these issues.

Do they experience the same issues in 3827 and 3829?
Where are they currently located, what are their ISPs and pings to these 3 servers?

It can also be that one clan in that sever that land grabs everywhere their bases are connecting from the beginners area to the highlands one of the reasons I quit playing on that server

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Good call. They have issues on all three of those servers, 3827, 3828 and 3829. For them the ping is in the 50’s. Everyone is located in SoCal. One has CoxCommunications and another Spectrum Cable.

Thank you for elaborating, we’ll reach out to G-Portal to determine if there could be any issues with SoCal connections to those servers.

Since you’re not having the same issues, can you confirm that you’re located in a different region?

I’m located in NorCal. However one more person in our clan is located in SoCal and he doesn’t have those problems. He is in a different city though, not sure if that would make a difference.

Does he use one of the aforementioned ISPs?

Can you also confirm if the players with issues have their PS4s on a wired connection rather than wireless?

The person who doesn’t have the issue in Socal uses Spectrum Cable also. My friend who played till level 50 until the issues arose attempted switching to a Hardline instead of wireless but that didn’t resolve the issue.

Well you can always try joining my private server we can get your clan started with some goodies its called silent legion warriors it pops up as pvp but it’s actually pvec

Right. They are called Masons of Crom. Everyone complains about them but they (Masons) dont care, they keep building roads. They still arent done too

I really appreciate the offer but I’m holding out hope they fix the issue. Hate the thought of starting all the way over. Started running lvl 60 dungeons and have named thralls on every station.

I would just give up 3828 is very laggy due to mason of croms over building

Again I don’t have those issue like at all. So it has to be something other than the roads. I don’t have an issue with Mason’s so much. I often use their roads and they built maprooms next to each obelisks so makes fast travel super easy.

An update on the resolution?

I am on 3828, been around for awhile.

I haven’t had much trouble with clans building roads, it actually makes traveling to some areas easier.

That is until yesterday. When I logged in, I noticed that entries to a Roadway have been walled up;
Doors , and anti-climb fences added.
This significantly changes the impact ; they are now starting to block off access to game content.