Crashing, Stuttering and performance issues. Connection issues as well

Game mode: [PVE C official]
Type of issue: [ Performance | Connection]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [America]

[Horrible lag since Sunday. Rubberbanding amd connection issues. Base and NPCs are rendering invisible or with just name plates

Random connection issues. Also rendering takes forever.

What I have done.

Cleaned the computer of any potential threats or virus. Made sure graphics cards and all files arw updated. Checked router and reset.

At this point the game has become highly unplayable although I experience nothing 0 issues with other games or graphic intensive software]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Login to 1517 when you can
  2. Long load times.
  3. Shuddering drop of frames and barely able to move or see anything.
  4. Happens even on lower settings. IE low end laptop mode. Even though this is a high end gaming laptop

Big issue now is not being able to connect to the served.

I will attempt after server reset in order to verify.

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@Hexsing, did you try playing on another server or single player to see if there are similar issiues?
If you can play normally elsewhere it could mean the problem is server side.

If you still have problems elsewhere, the problem is client (your) side.
In this case, what is your CPU and RAM usage at that point? Is it higher (if you checked before) since the problem started?

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I have the same problems on ps4 i think you have to play in 4G the way that the game accepts more 4g

Not at the moment. I know our server is pretty populated. Almost at max capacity.

Migjt try a clean install. Maybe that might correct.

I’ll try single player to chexk

WHF. Ok. I’ll check with the other folks to see if they are having issues. But I was under the impression it was only me.

I’ll check

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Hello @Hexsing, thank you for reaching out!

Please let us know if you have any issues with other servers or in Single Player.

The server might also have been through unusual load, we’ll run a verification on our end as well as soon as possible.

Thanks Hugo.

As an update I went to another official server 1518 to test. Still leggy.

Tried single player and I didnt experience any lag at all. Smooth sailing.

My machine can do all high settings. But I trurn it to custom reducing shadows and textures to either low or medium.

As a test I logged into my server 1518 and went into low end laptop mode. But the stuttering and lagging was pretty ferocious.

Ping is low. Machine is clean. I even checked with my Internet Provider. I lied so they are getting me a new router. But the router I have does not seem to have issues.

Others on the server mentioned experiencing similar.

Our server is pretty packed. 35 folks. So I’m not ruling out that this could cause some issues.

Its almost as though the rendering patch never took place.

But I did do a verification of files through steam and made sure everything was neat and tidy.

Edit: also after reset this morning things seemed to smooth out.

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