Game Breaking Lag/Stuttering bug

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug/Performance
Region: EU

I logged in a few days ago to find the game unplayable due to this weird stuttering issue you can see in the video.
My tribe and i moved to this server due to lack of people on our previous server where we were since launch. I had to give up on the game due to lag and stuttering but it was much more random apart from the stuttering caused from killing npcs or enemies or when killing and leaving a skeleton on the ground as seen in this video The stuttering on the first server got progressively worse each day to the point it was unbearable. The new server i joined a few days ago showed some similarities with stuttering, but was bearable and i had hopes that the big patch funcom have been tweeting about might fix it, which is why i started playing again. The second day on the new server is when the stuttering in the first video started and made the game unbearably worse than before.

Ive tried freeing up space on my hard drive, redownloading and installing the game and defragging my console all to no avail. I play on a launch day ps4 pro, which has never had any issue playing any other game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in

FYI Patch 1.18 has made no difference

Thanks for the update and letting us know it’s still happening to you after today’s patch!

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