Stutter is Back, and its Pretty Bad

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The heading pretty much says it all, but I will try my best to further elaborate. Whenever I move around, be at my base or out in the wilderness, every say ~4th to 5th step I get stutter (lag or jerkiness if you will) in addition to this drawing my weapon is much slower than previously. Further more, interacting with a chest or a crating bench will result in a roughly ~2 second pause before they open or display anything. I would honestly describe it as the worst it has been for some time now. I am not trying to be mean or unkind her, I promise, but it is very taxing to watch.

Ps-apologies if the reporting format is incorrect. Ive not made one since the changes, and I dont have the template to use as a guide. strong text


I can confirm this as well on single player. It’s weird since I saw this online also and thought it was the server going to restart or something.

Also @Croms_Faithful they added the report template to show up automatically whe posting directly to the bugs forum.


I can tell you now its worse in official. Me and a friend were going through the warmaker dungeon when we got lagged in place, not able to attack or move and enemies were invisible and we got killed along with our cimmerian berzerker. they need to fix this, this is at least the 5th time this has happened since the new update, wasnt near this bad before. Cant even play official anymore


It seems to be on all playstation modes at the moment. Hopefully the next update will sort it right out.

Thanks for the link @h3rb1. I put it to good use in other bug report thread I created for posessed thralls. I have just enjoyed too much habituatuon under the old forum format. :laughing:

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I turned on Boost Mode on my PS4 Pro, and it helped with the buildings, but NPCs didn’t render. I was killed 4 times on Siptah in an offline game because I could hear it, but couldn’t see it. I turned off Boost Mode, and just waited out the building rendering.

If you pull out a hammer, the stutter is ridiculous.

I was riding to refresh bases yesterday on an official server, and the world wasn’t even there.

There is no way I will attempt an online game under these conditions.


Stutter is worse than ever. Horrible stutter now. Happens more often than it used to happen.

Trying to fight thralls they will be in front of you then they dissappear and you find them behind you wacking you. And at a ley shrine, having 3-4 veterans coming at you at once, one or more will vanish then they reappear much closer already swinging their weapon and you’re dead before you know it lol (On a rented server with a 66 ping)

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I also am experiencing this situation.
Both stuttered movement and slow/fragmented loading of assets.
I haven’t been killed yet, but have been minorly inconvenienced by enemies who are invisible, but still quite present and lethal. After about three stacks of bleed are on me, they tend to finish loading in.
Watching all of the crafting stations load in for my base and float there for several moments (varies, 3-30 seconds) while the walls remember they exist is also amusing.

PS4 Pro.
On and Offline.


It is horrendous. The game becomes unplayable at times. I’m good for some stuttering every couple of minutes. It’s a struggle playing this game for an hour.

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