Insane lag/freezes on ps4

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Performance]
Region: American and South American

Well, i have some freezes ingame that doesnt look like lag, is not Teleport or anything… Looks much more processing problem… When you walk in New places, or near too many houses… And a Lot in combat, mainly when you kill NPCs or some creatures… Looks like the dying animations lag/freeze everything like 1-2 seconds… So If you are in 3 fighting 3 NPCs is a lag/freeze fest… You end hitting your partner, or being hit … Looks like this game was made for PC and turned to console like in the last moments… And there is a Lot of bugs to solve… And i Will try my best to help solving them

Any position about this? Is a problem with PS4 only? Or Xbox too?

No information about this problem? @AndyB?

I do get the 1-2 second freeze sometimes on xbox one while in combat. idk where to begin with the issues I faced since release. I would say it’s lag that’s causing the freezes, but I only play solo. It’s been 10 days since release and idk what the hold up is with getting a patch. Theres no way they didn’t see most of these issues before release. And if they didn’t, do they even test for PS4 and Xbox one?

That is the point… If you look your journal, the one that you need to throw a órb… On the explanation say to press the mouse Button… This game was made to PC and converted… The Pc version is much smoother than the console version… Just see the vídeos and lives…

Tbh the stutter/lag is really killing any kind of enjoyment right now. No fun stuttering nonstop or lagging like crazy when in combat. Just running around gathering resources gets tiring when you’re rubberbanding all over the place nonstop, this happens to me even in offline mode in single player (the combat lag and stuttering)

Even the servers I play on don’t fill up anymore already.

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Yeah… Console version of the game really need some love from funcom… I dont even try to PvP anymore, cuz is like a Gamble…

Hope they find a solution soon… I Will probably look for a New server when they fix It, because i have 0 patience to grow fast with this lag FEST… I am just learning the mechanic and waiting

I’m on ps4 pro, have the same issues, things like crocodiles, scorpions, wolves, and spiders don’t lag me, but humanoids will for a couple seconds after their death (which is enough time for a mob to finish me off) and some others like all felines will make me lag until I remove their bodies by harvesting.

I found private ran servers run better than official, but the lag issue with killing will carry to all servers.