Lag, Lag and more lag

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Performance | Misc]

Ever since starting this broken mess I’ve experience nothing but horrible lag.
Combat is a no-go as the game rarely registers hits or the anmations don’t match up with the actual hits. Seemingly hitting air only to receive tons of inflicted damage when miles away again.

Even exploration is a pain as you keep stuttering all over the place and the game just seems to regularly forget what it had rendered five minutes ago as the trees, rocks and everything in between decides to vanish like they just cleared the place out.
If this is already the case in single player, I don’t wanna know what servers are like.

Ironically, as I am typing this, even the forum servers can’t even be bothered anymore.
This is just… insert slowclap

I WANT to like this game. But somebody, ANYBODY, FIX YOUR MESS.
How did this thing make it out of early access in this state?

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Please funcom, can someone tell us why nobody talks about a possible patch?
we need answers, in pc the phenomenal game goes while ps4 is horrible.
when the next patch arrives?

Are you playing on a PS4 Pro? I’m having lag issues playing on an official server but not as bad as your describing. I’m on a PS4 slim I’ve heard Pro’s are having more problems with the game.

@Dob3rman Rumor is a patch will be out sometime this week. Check here for more

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In ps4 normal game, my connection is the best.
Only this game gives me so much lag.
thanks for the link, I hope the patch arrives soon.

type of PS4 doesn’t matter, most of lags are server-side

Except he’s talking about single player “no server lag” and reports would seem to disagree with you, since PS4 Pro players are having more problems with the game.

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I run it on pro and have less issues than my mates on regular one but i can tell only about playing on officials, sry didn’t read carefully