Singleplayer lagging

My game is lagging way too much to even play sometimes… I have a ps4 pro and good tv and good internet. Is it just me or everybody else?Beautiful game and i love it but the lag is killing me.
Please fix this or tell me what to do to make it better?!
Game mode: Singleplayer (offline and co-op)
Problem: Performance
Region: Sweden


Never experienced lag on single player, I’m getting sever lag on the official servers.

Made a post about it even tweeted the developers they didn’t reply though. Can’t enjoy the game one bit.

Can you go in to SP and try it out? If I play 30min, 20min of thos are hard lag and maybe 5 clean mins without lag… I have just built a house and slaved my first thrall but lag is killing me

just a thought but how much storage space is left on your console?

games like this do a lot of file access and having a full drive can affect performance

I have like 400gb left i think… should be ok?

ya that should work
just putin out sugestions

are you running any other apps in the background?
try force quiting them

Yeah thanks, no other apps active…

hmmm I dunno then
only thin I can think of is heat
try cooling the console with a house fan and see if it improves

The console is not even 6months old so that is not the problem. Only game lagging like this before is Ark on multiplayer when you are around a big base. But now im in singleplayer with just a house and a altar and wheel of pain so im really pissed about this… bought it digital to get to play it the second i could. But now i dont even want to play because its too laggy, pretty sad :confused:

I’m also experiencing this so I’m hoping for an update to improve performance, though I’m still enjoying myself just it gets annoying.

Since your on console according to the devs single player is playable offline so it isn’t likely your internet is the cause if that ever crossed your mind before posting this.

age has nothing to do with it
games like this and ark can heat up a system really fast especially if they are not properly optimized.
try it and if it dont work the most you wasted was a few pennies worth of electricity.

other than that sounds like you might need to wait for another optimization patch

Ok, im hoping for it to, and many people have this issue, no internet is not a problem, i have never had problems with internet on other games so. And i have tried offline SP and co-op and its the same…

I am having exactly the same issue… Lagging a lot and FPS dropping to a slide show… There are brief moments when it plays normally, but most of the time it’s complete unplayable.

Looked around on the internet and it seems that PS4 Pro players are the only ones getting this issue? My friend is playing with a base PS4 and he does not experience it, only the “typical” FPS drops…

Ok this is really annoying!! I want to play ffs!!
Rrally hoping they fix this soon. Nothing we can do more than wait… I should have saved my old version ps4 lol

Im having the same issue with standard ps4.

I shut off hdcp, and turned on boost mode, this seems to help me a lot. The only issue i’m having now is the image looks washed out and out of focus (was like this before I adjusted those two settings)


Ive got the same lagging issue. Played max 30mins 25mina nearly impossible to do much due to lags and frame drops… At this point it’s safe to say that I just wasted 500nok on a unfinished game (45-55$)

Same here. PS4 pro and lagging in singleplayer offline and co-op. Great game but very annoying to play with lag

Did you happen to play the game before the 14.6 GB update was installed, because i did, and the game lagged severely, and alot of bugs, i erased my game save and started over, works fine now :slight_smile: that was on Single Player BTW