Question for ps4 players and devs

Game mode: Online and single player
Problem: Lag
Region: Eu

Do all of you getting huge lags when playing online too?
Like npc teleports, stamina never regenerates, run in to invisible objects. Die for no reason. Cannot hit or use any combo for some reason. Got stuck in your pets bum hole because he’s lagging on you?
Ps4 pro.
I’m playing on official eu server 3042.
Ping is 40-70 max that I have seen. And I have optic Fibre connection about 200mb/s
I have never had any problems with games and I’m curious.
Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Yep. Game is a technical catastrophe since release. I’ve never played a game in my life that was so buggy and laggy. Even in offline game.

I see varying performance between servers but most of my client side rendering lag has gone away since upgrading to a decent SSD. On really populated built up servers PVP fights can be a huge lagfest with players with the poorest internet connections actually having an advantage over others.
“Lag sniping” is a thing, ie killing someone from yards away. On less populated servers with less building pieces and spam combat is much smoother.

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