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I’m new to this but in need of a little help. I play on 2 PVE conflict servers. When I would log on it would take forever for it to load then I would be lucky if everything did load after 5 mins. I can move only if I dodge or jump. I try to harvest and it works some of the times. So I figured it was the internet. I left cable and went to phone company and everything worked fine no issue other then it was slower. I went from 100mbps to 30mbps and the game worked fine. But with 30mbps I couldn’t run to many connections at once. So I switched back to cable and I have 500mbps speed and I am back to the same issue. Lag horribly and the game doesnt want to load fully or it boots me. I have no clue what the issue is. I have a group of friends I like to group up with but I cant. This is the only game I ha having issues with. I’m running it in my PS4 all other games are good on it and my computer has no problems. Can anyone help?

Hello @Trinkle77, welcome to the forums!

What’s your current region and ISP?

Is your console on a wired or wireless connection?

Do you have lag issues on any server you join, and could you specify a few servers as examples?

Do you have any performance issues while playing on offline singleplayer?

I am in Ohio using spectrum. I used Cincinnati bell and had no issues it is when I use spectrum. I was wireless then the issues started so I wired the console. I play on 2 official servers 3828 and 3815 and I have that issue on both. No issues offline.

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