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So, we bought a new server and have been playing on it for a little over a week. I want to preface this with we had another server that lapsed and had no issues. We have 3 PS4’s in the house that we all play on together. The past several days my wife’s PS4 has been lagging big time, I tried logging out and back on, restarting the server, and even deleting and reinstalling the application with no change. It affects her run speed and stamina bar. Should I give any more information for help suggestions? It’s really frustrating for her and I want to help get it fixed so she can enjoy the game without experiencing this. Can anyone make a suggestion? Thank you in advance.

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Just an FYI the internet usages is starting to sore and likewise the poor thing is going to be in heavy use so the more stuff you have connected the worse your performance many games are starting to post that to let others know to get ready

Global by the way due to pandemic

Hello @Kumori, welcome to the forums!

Could you let us know which PS4 models you’re using and if all consoles are on a wired connection?

Does her console experience any issues with other online games or playing in official Conan Exiles servers?

We’d recommend that you try having her console on a wired connection and to rebuild the PS4 database.

Additionally, regarding any potential issues with your server, since it’s a private server you’ll need to reach out to G-Portal for any troubleshooting and information, either through their forums or by submitting a ticket.

Support Forums:

Support Ticket:

We have been trying to draw Funcoms attention to this for a while now. It is not limited to Online play either. We suspect it may be a result of the most recent ps4 update. There are additional details listed in here:

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