Lag problem on PS4

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]


we were playing for months with my wife to Conan Exiles (online) on PS4.
We stopped 3 months and we started a new game a few days ago and I encountered lot of lag problems with this game now whereas it was quite rare in the past.

We have 2 PS4 for playing together online and a fiber connection.
My wife plays on a PS4 pro and I play on the first model of the PS4.
We are playing on an officiel server (PVE 3000) and my wife did not encounter any problem of lag (or rarely) and I have constant problem.
But I am quite sure that the problem did not come from the game directly as, when my wife stop playing. I take the PS4 Pro to continue the game (TV bigger connected with the PS4 pro). so I quite the game with her profile, switch off the PS4 pro, restart it and log on my profile, but when I have loaded Conan Exiles and when i get back in the game, I am still suffering a lot of lag issues.

The problem is not coming from the game, from the PS4 or from the connection but from the profile logged.

When my wife is connected with its profile, there is no major issue; when I connect to the game from the PS4 or the PS4 pro on my profile it is unplayable with NPC.

Do you have any clue to solve this problem ?

best regards

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I have read a tip on another website and it seems to work.

I have deleted all the downloaded games that I have on my hard drive and that i did not use for the moment, old saves, screenshots, etc

I have played 2 hours today and no lag issue for the moment.

It seems that a cleaning of your profile as much as possible help with this kind of problem.

I will confirm after several days of test.


Thank you for the info. That could help out some. People.

@Hugo could you look into this. It’s interesting

yesterday evening, lot of lag issues on this server and for both of us, but the server was quite full.

i will check in the following days what will happen

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Very interesting. Thanks for this tip.

After a few sessions, cleaning the profile help but it doesn’t solve the problem.

We have played a lot yesterday and when the server is full, there is so much lag. We have explored the map and there are so many buildings on it, this server is (official 3000) too crowded.

We are going to stop our game and restart on another server less filled. I hope it will works this time. we have played Conan Exiles for more than a year and we did not encountered any problem of this kind in the past…

Hello @Ayoshi, thank you for sharing this information with us!

Out of curiosity, did you happen to ever test using your wife’s profile in the first model of the PS4 before cleaning up the profile and drive?

Also, are both consoles connected to your router through a wired or a wireless connection?


No I have not created a profile for my wife on my first PS4, she has only one on the PS4 pro as she always play on that console.

Both consoles are connected to our router by a wire, i do not use wireless connection for gaming.

at the beginning we were playing each with a physical edition of the game but now we have downloaded the game on the hard drive when offered with the subscription to the PSN.

Hi I’ve been playing Conan for a while now and recently I died due to high amounts of lag which caused me to walk into the green wall and die. No big deal because I would be able to go to the edge and retrieve my loot. (I have died from this before and know that this works). However this time my loot bag is about 30 feet out of bounds with no way to get it. This is ridiculous as I should be allowed to get it. By now my loot will have decayed and been lost so I would like all of my loot back. Upon request I can submit photographic evidence that this happened. I enjoy playing except for times like this when the game does not work the way bit is supposed too. Thanks.

Yesterday we began a new game on another official server (3003) and we did not encountered any big lag problem during the evening.

My wife and I have a similar story. We have an original ps4 and ps4 slim. we also have fiber optic internet. We played a lot at the beginning of last year, then quit to play another game for a while. We decided to hop back on a week ago. The game is so much more laggy than it was a year ago. We tried several servers and all were laggy. We decided to purchase our own server to share with a few friends thinking it might help not having so many people on. Unfortunately this didn’t help. I did get the closest server available too.

Some examples of lag:

  • Running up to your dead body and taking forever to load so you can loot your inventory back. So long in fact, that it’s almost impossible to suicide run through a group to get your stuff. By the time it would load, you’d be dead again. This was never an issue before.

  • Running up to a spot then realizing you ran past it by about 10 feet.

  • Every bench and chest that has inventory in it takes forever to load.

  • Getting killed because of lag in areas with many enemies. We were playing at the black galleon last night and kept getting killed. It became a quest just to get our inventories back.

  • Thralls are also acting very wonky since returning to the game. More often than not, the thralls will just stand there while we get our butts kicked

My wife and I love this game. I hope there are some fixes coming soon.

Since we have changed and we are not playing anymore on the server PVE 3000 we did not encountered any problem on the new server selected.

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