Conan Exiles problem (lags on all servers)

Game mode: Online
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [ALL of them]

Dear Exiles, i ask for your help. I enjoyed the game last year and i had no problems. But now, when I connect to any server (it doesn’t matter whether it is official or not, popular or not, eu or us), I get unplayable lags (video example). Tried wired connection - doesn’t help. Internet speed ~60mbit/sec. Power of signal - 95-100%. Tried open ports on router - doesn’t help. The problem appears for 10-20 minutes, after which everything becomes normal (usually, but not always). I hope someone know how to solve this.

Conan Exiles problem #1
Conan Exiles problem #2

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Turn on game
  2. Log in to the server
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Hello @Giltis, could you share a few servers that are giving you this issue?

Have you tried to perform a clean reinstall of the game or to rebuild the PS4 database?

@Dejo707 Please do not hijack or derail other posts, we have a large backlog of PM’s and will get to them in due time.

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