Gameplay unplayable due to lag issues

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[So I have been playing conan exiles for over a year may e a year and half and progressively the lag on official pvp server 3564 has gotten worse and worse to where I can not play game at all. The lag is not just k cretin areas its throughout the whole map. The game sound is not in sync with anything, npcs are invisible and will kill you before they even render in same with animals. Even if the do render in they will lag out so bad that you wont even see them move but then all of a sudden t gb eyes are in your face and you are dead.

I really enjoyed this game is for the first 7 to 8 months I played but now it has become unplayable. Please funcom do something to fix the lag issues on official pvp server 3564. ]

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Hey @Drock244

What system are you using? (OG, Slim or Pro?)

I am having the same issues with nothing rendering properly and constant teleporting the last few days. I’m using a PS4 pro. I’m not having the same issues on my old server just the one I currently play on. My ping is still low, I’ve tried resetting my entire setup as well as reinstalling the application and rebuilding my systems database.

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I have a horrible lag in offline mode.
Also the nude mode goes off and the only way to get it back is to kill the character.
The game doesn’t always save and I loose my progress.

Are you still fixing the game?

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i have the same issu on ps4 pro i play with my friend who has a regular ps4 and je dosent have the same problems as i do. online players, thralls and monsters are invisible for me for about a minute

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Our team is trying to isolate the issues with the PS4Pro systems. Just to confirm: sometimes enemies and assets take a while to load, and sometimes during combat there’s a huge lag spike, right?

The lag appears even if you are alone witouht enemies.

(PS4 PRO) I got the game yesterday and started playing singleplayer and from the start i had no problem with lag.
But as i ventured out of the desert and encountered my first group of NPCs the lag made the game unplayable. but i managed to make a 2x2 base which gave me protection from everything accept the lag. ive tryed restart the game but it didnt work. Any idea when the problem will be fixed?

Hey @ArtilleryArthur

No ETA yet, we’re still trying to determine the cause for it.

Im using PS4 Pro and the online has been the hardest for me to play so far. Singleplayer wasnt bad. Online has many streaming problems and the loading times can be 3-4 even if you die just outside your house and rendering issues are game breaking at times. Obviously this occurs more during 40/40 players. I cant seem to get away from it even the Abysall Remenant in The Dregs was hard because his animations were lagging, and Im totally alone in a different phase not close to any players!

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I’m having the same issue on my PS4 pro. Game was working fine and then a few days ago became non playable out of nowhere. Can’t see any enemies until after they kill me and menus take minutes to load if they even load at all. I’m on my own rented server and am in the same region, I am the only one playing on the server.

I’m having the same problems, too much lag, that I can not even move my character, every step I give, the game of lag, out the sounds that are all delayed and the images take time to render the game, was unplayable to me, on any PVP server , PvP conflict, virtually all servers are with this problem for me, game the game on the PS4 slim.

@Ignasi is the ps4 pro set to a different texture setting? For example say ps4 on “medium” and the pro “high”. If so I wonder if lowering the pro to the same as the original would help with the rendering issues. Kind of like resolution vs performance I’m sure the vast majority would prefer lower textures and/or resolution if it means smoother gameplay. Or at least the option.

I think that this is because the game is loading something from the world. There’s probably something going on in the backround.

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Is the intense lag making the game unplayable issue being looked into? It is constant and happens on official servers regardless of location on map/combat/stuctures ect. PS4 and PS4 pro. Also an eta? I cant upload a video


Hey @Drizzt Do’Urden

Welcome to our community.
That is one of our teams’ hypothesis, but they’re currently investigating to see which setting in particular is the one that’s messing everything up.

The servers’ are currently being hammered down by the huge influx of players. As we announced in this recent post, we’re monitoring the situation and expanding server availability where needed.

Thank you @Ignasi for both the welcome and response.

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Nah this is not a true statement game has been laggy for awhile now before the game was free on psn even singleplayer has lag issue’s that have been on the forums for months now. I’ve played since launch on ps4 and ps4 pro online official,single player and rented servers all of them have had issues that get fixed 1 patch later broken the next. Hopefully the new players take a look at older post in this forum you will see alot of players asking for optimizations for the game on console even Xboxone has complaints. If anything save get a pc is the best way to go the modders did alot more for the game. Still love the game just laggy all around starts to get old. I’ll pray to crom you actually fix the lag before 1 year official release which is coming up here very soon. :grinning:


I saw some videos from about 10 months ago with the same issues ive been having, its hard to explain but its like having less than 1fps. I dont know if there was an influx of players aswell then or not, but it may be the issue.
When the game is running smooth its a lot of fun so I hope its fixed soon.
Thank you for the reply Ignasis

This would affect private servers too?