Invisible thralls and delayed sound (PS4 PRO)

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

I’ve had this issue from day one. I can’t go to big thrall camps because I can’t see the NPC’s until a floating name starts attacking me. They wont render until a minute into being attacked. I’ve reinstalled the game numerous times and I believe this is an issue for the PS PRO.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy PS PRO
  2. Install Conan
  3. Play Conan
  4. Attack a big camp

Single player or online?

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Hey there @wilko331984

Welcome to our community.
This is a known issue and our team is looking into it. We had a few reports about it in our performance feedback thread here:

Our community has found a temporary workaround for this issue, that is either upgrading the internal hard drive of the PS4 Pro to a SSD drive, or installing the game on an external USB SSD drive.
While this is not an ideal situation, it could be useful while our team is working on this problem.
Thanks for your feedback.

Another workaround right now is waiting until you see them pop up. It’s half a minute at best.

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Online mate. I’m constantly getting my ■■■ kicked by things that I can’t see. It only happens in the built up settlements.


If you are looking into it why has it been around since official release? Honestly you’re response is a joke. There are numerous day 1 bugs still in games especially invisible thrall/animals also PS4 pro users have a render issue so we can loot through walls still. Invisible thralls is considered game breaking, and has not been fixed. Nearly one year. Please respond with a real answer next time. Also players sometimes are invisible too. Another day 1 issue unresolved. So on pvp how do I fight what I can never see.


I’m having this issue as well since I got a ps4 pro for Christmas. I didn’t have the issue on my regular ps4 before. Same servers.

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Hey @Unikmo

Welcome to our community. Could you let us know around which areas are you experiencing this problem more frequently?
Our tech team is running some tests trying to pinpoint the cause for this problem so the more information we can give them the better.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Game mode: Online and singleplayer
Problem: Bug/Performance/render
Region: America

Hi please fix this render problem the ps4 origional does not have it only the ps4Pro it must be the enhancments that make it difficult to load
My friend has a origional ps4 and i have a Pro he hasent goten this problem once never happend to him but everytime i encounter a new player or a thrall they are completly invisible attacking me and all i can do is run as i see floating healthbars chase me
thanks for making such a awesome game fix this bug and i can take it seriously from last time i played a year ago you guys came a long way

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. play on ps4 pro the origional ps4 has no issu
  2. Goto a thrall camp. the black hand will do it
  3. Find or spawn on a Online player
  4. its the ps4 pro enchancments has to be its the game nothing to do with servers

I also have the same problem. Walls render poorly and slowly 40% of the time. Thralls are invisible and will STAY invisible for minutes.
(This happens to me on The Black Ship in the south.)
Also rocks and trees will disappear and render back in after you hit them once making you strike dirt as you wait for them to spawn. Along with animal animations lagging and they will be facing the other way standing there somehow killing you. Lots of times Ive blamed the game for dieing and having a loading screen for 3-4 minutes because the game decided to bug out and handicap me. Just funny no one has been lucky enough to loot my gear yet due to these tragic and unfortunate events lol.

TL;DR: Fun game 8/10 without bugs. Drops to a 5 once I start realizing the bugs make it truly annoying to play.

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i can offically confirm a ssd fixes all the ps4 pro problems i got a 860 500gb evo and i havent seen a invisible thrall/player since
but we shouldnt have to spend over 60$ on upgrade just to play the game this works for all games for loading so i decided to get it


I agree with @NuttySlayer an external drive makes the difference. I have tested both a standard external and an SSD. They both do a good job the SSD just barely edges out the standard external hard drive. I have used external for years on multiple games and can tell you that I get great results across the board.

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]

Just a PSA, maybe this helps someone.

Playing game from SSD on PS4 pro seems to fix invisible thralls, combat sound delay and general lag/slideshow issues.

I replaced Sony’s stock HDD with Samsung 860 eva SSD but using external SSD should be ok too + cheaper.

With Sony’s stock HDD:

  • New Asgarath was full of invisible thralls, flying weapons and delayed/broken sounds. Watch towers were bit better but even there I got some random thralls popping next to me in combat.
  • Desert area was bit better, and noob river I didn’t have issues. Performance got worse further north I went. New asgarath was unplayable lagshow.

Samsung SDD:

  • New asgarath now loads as it should be, sounds are in sync and lag is greatly reduced.
  • did a quick run on desert cities, all loaded nicely and didn’t face invisible enemies there either

I have recorded performance on SDD but can not link here (no links). No idea why this helps, but for me this fixed all.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. None, just trying to help people
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Hey there @Defora

Welcome to our community.
Thanks for sharing your findings. Unfortunately, other users have reported this recently too (i.e here: External Drive Performance experience).
Please don’t mind us merging your thread into Invisible thralls (PS4 PRO) so other players and our team can benefit from this finding.
We’re currently testing performance on PS4Pro systems and trying to find the cause for the streaming and stuttering issues.

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Game mode: [singleplater]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

I have sound delay 3-5 sec on ps4 pro. Is it’s possible to fix somehow?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create game
  2. Start fight with npc

I have the same issue.

Playing on a PS4 Pro, single player / coop.

You start mining and only after 5 seconds that the pickaxe sound goes off.
You kill a guy and he shouts (death sound) after 5 seconds of his death, when his body is already on the ground.

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Same issue here with the PS4 Pro. My wife plays on the original PS4 and has none of the audio delays, texture drawing delays, or invisible npcs that I have.

Is this something that will be fixed, or is SSD it?

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Hey there,

Quick update: our team has potentially isolated the issue and is working on a possible patch for the performance issues on PS4Pro systems. No ETA yet, as is has to still undergo testing and certification.

You guys are rockstars!

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