Ps4 pro performance issues

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Performance
Region: [Here]

Ps4 pro version of game runs much worse than regular ps4. All human character models have issues loading and are generally invisible for the first minute or so after being near them. This makes fighting at npc camps nearly impossible, and makes pvp free loot for whomever you are fighting. All Player structures and some npc structures such as wooden palisades have trouble loading causing rubberbanding and the ability to access things through player walls. I have three copies of the game two on ps4 pros and one on a normal ps4 and my family fights over who gets to play on the old cheap regular ps4, also my clanmates on ps4 pro have the same problems. I would like to know if Funcom is going to even start working on making the game playable on ps4 pro.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy a ps4 pro for the dev team.
  2. Turn on Conan.
  3. Actually test game on ps4 pro.
  4. See these issues literally every time game is turned on.

Can we please get like a gazillion bumps on this post. This is beyond a joke that the pro performs worse than a normal ps4. These issues should also not be present on a ‘full release’ of a game which is just disgusting and a waste of money. The 10 second or so sound delay is quite regular and really irritating too. Devs, imagine you are in the wild. It all looks clear, you open your map. You get the “Yer dead” screen. few seconds later you get to hear a creature killing you even after you died. Could have been avoided had i been able to kill the stupid thing and close my map knowing i was being attacked before it got a free 10 seconds.

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As my above thread stats, our family has massive video and audio lag on both generations of the ps4.

The ps4 is not any better when it comes to lag. It also has grainy textures all the time. It also has much more motion blur.

The specs for the ps4 pro are much greater than the ps4 but neither run the game well.

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Bump. still not fixed. been a while whats going on Funcom.

I have standard PS4 with 240gb SSD installed, Just because of that, i Will always have superior performance in any game than PS4 pro could ever have.

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It is quite clear you have no idea how any hardware works. I have a PS4 Pro as well, but with 2TB SSD. Your hard drive, or solid state in this case, affects game LOAD for entering the game, a dungeon, things like that. As far as quality is concerned, that’s going to be GPU (1GB +8GB DDR5 Memory for the PS4 Pro) to do rendering on characters. You might be able to fool yourself, but the ps4 Pro is lacking in the exact manner that is described. It takes several seconds to render the faces etc for me and that doesn’t make much sense at all considering how little is going on from the main menu. Perhaps they could make less background stuff during character creation, because that is all that it takes to reproduce this issue.

  1. Get a PS4Pro
  2. Create a character
  3. Notice major render issues just looking at differences in faces, hair, etc. Quality is crap.
  4. Sell Conan for PS4 if this stuff doesn’t start being addressed, and after cash in hand let the purchaser know FunCom doesn’t have the support staff to go through the thousands of reported issues so GOOD LUCK BUDDY.

Seriously though on #4, I’ve had all my crap dissappear on local/co-op and it’s beyond frustrating. I shouldn’t have to re-invest the time for stuff I already completed. It wasn’t attacked, just gone with bags underneath where items once belonged and the entire structure gone (all on foundations). It wasn’t abandoned because I turned abandonment off. Furthermore, I have two small bases, one had 2 structures–so 3 structures in total, not too big. The 2nd structure and all inside it–gone–all of it. 3rd structure built, only contents all gone off the 2nd/3rd floors, excluding boxes (for now…) 1st floor was a bed and boxes. Using the admin panel is BS because that is not how the game was intended to be played. If something doesn’t change soon, Funcom is going to have a massive lawsuit on their hands regardless of their terms because you’re selling broken products as a finished product.

  1. Tell me where the package states the PS4 copy is an Alpha/Beta and not a completed product?
  2. Tell me where the terms of service says this full retail copy is loaded with bugs and we’re going to use you as a hamster to fix them
  3. Tell me other games don’t offer demo’s/Beta’s for PS4, FOR THIS EXACT REASON, rather than sell a bug-ridden uncompleted product for full price.

It affects How fast things Will render too. Its clear as Water for me that since i have installed Conan and ALL my other games become much better. U have PS4 pro wich have a worse performance than ps4 in this game.

First off your ssd in your standard ps4 may only give you afew extra seconds in load time. Second the game may be better optimized to run on a standard ps4 than a ps4 pro. The game is not optimized for ps4 pro and things you don’t see as issues in your game may not be visible cause your machine cause you are used to slightly lower end graphics.

I have a ps4 pro, it is also equipped with a ssd. I play many games that are visually 40 to 50 % better than the regular ps4 versions on a good high end 4K tv.

They have not optimized this game to take advantage of the ps4 pro. Now is that the ps4 pro fault or funcoms fault ???

As for you always having superior performance in every ps4 game out there, because you have a ssd installed…well obviously you have not played a properly optimized ps4 pro game on a 4K tv.

Your ignorance amuses me.


No Matter What u say, i can see clearly that the game improved a Lot since i have installed a SSD. Feel Sorry for u bro that bough a overpriced PS4 that is slightly better than fat one and is garbage when playing Conan.

This game ran fine after day 1 patch. I think I crashed maybe twice the first week. But after each hotfix it’s more and more and more often. Maybe 15 minutes maybe an hour but guaranteed blue screen every time I play now.

You Don’t have feel sorry for me, I have a regular ps4 as well…Oh and I see you mentioned in another thread your game has started to shudder on you ps4 after the patch…well mine does not after the patch…must be that fat overpriced stuff inside that must be doing something rite. So welcome to funcoms world of bad optimization for console platforms.

Please, go google what a hard drive does. You seriously don’t get it apparently.

  • Hard drive, or SSD in this case = Game content stored.
  • Pulling things off a hard drive = CPU
  • Running them = RAM (8GB DDR5 - Look it up)
  • Rendering them = GPU (1 GB + 8 GBD DR5 in compound with it - Look it up)

At the end of the day, your SSD is not what makes the game render quicker it makes the load times for the content stored on the SSD, get to the other parts of the hardware, faster. The game is apparently not optimized for PS4 Pro as well as it could be which doesn’t change a thing compared to the standard pro. As Potestaquistor questioned, “Is that a PS4 Pro or a Funcom fault ???”

I also have 3 TVs, (2) Samsung - a 55" & a 65" and a 1080P LG. I have (3) PS4’s, (1) Pro and (2) have 2TB SSD’s, the last is a plain ole 500GB standard. I’ve seen this game on all of them, and on all of the TVs. The optimization is not there for the PS4 Pro and that is on Funcom for not considering it yet.

If you’re smart, you’ll figure out which TV goes to which systems. (Hint - Black Friday TV Sale had to do with it.)

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