PS4 Pro performance broken

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So it’s 2019 now, and ps4 pro still appears to be absolutely broken. I’ve reinstalled 3 times, and I simply CANNOT fight mid/high-end enemies. I can’t even see what I’m attacking 80% of the time. They’re just invisible enemies until they load after 2 minutes of dodging the wind. I play with 4 other people on a server and none of them have this kind of graphic lag on their normal ps4’s, and one has the EXACT same problem on his Pro, uncluding the same slow texture loading that the regular ps4 doesn’t have. It isn’t internet based. We’ve tested this by bringing the ps4 to the house of the person with 0 net issues.

I don’t know what to do other than complain at this point that you very OBVIOUSLY have either a testing team of armless mutants that aren’t sure how a video game works (since they don’t have the hands to play them) and give you the go-a-head to release, or you have no testing team at all.

I could go on to continue to list things that are still mindless problems, but this is the biggest one that’s literally making the game unplayable outside of floating around and building in godmode.

Fix. Ps4. Pro. Performance.
Fix. Ps4. Pro. Performance.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Install the game on a Ps4 Pro.
  2. Play the game.
  3. Die to the invisible ninjas.
  4. Die to the invisible ninjas.
  5. Die to the invisible ninjas.

I had the same problem on my ps4 pro. I have changed my hard drive to an SSD hard drive and problem is gone, so must hard drive problems causing this issue

That’s ridicules they have the specs on my console that is exactly why I don’t game on pc this is not my fault or my systems it’s funcom they knew what they were making this game to run on

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I wouldn’t be too hard on Funcom here, They developed their game to run on Unreal primarily on PC and it could be the middleware they’re using to export to PS4 not optimizing for Pro settings. The Ps4 and PS4 pro have some slight differences in how memory is handled. Even so, SSDs do tend to improve performance in general as the reads are pretty quick compared to the i/o of regular hard drives. If the app isn’t putting things into client memory sooner and is reading from the disk on the fly the SSD will definitely help there.

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My version is download no disc

Oh you’re thinking of game disc like a DVD. I mean like type of physical storage like “hard drive” or “SSD” by disk. Like an earlier poster said, you would probably see much better game performance if you changed your PS4 pro’s hard drive to a SSD.

Chaos, is clearly not your or your system fault, it is the game that is not optimized to run on PS4 and even less on PS4 PRO, but the specific problem in this case is the interaction between the game and the PS4 -very very slow- stock HD.
So, there is a fix , is to use a SSD, and that kind of problem will instantly vanish.
Tested 100%. (and even the stuttering, with the last patch is gone 99% running a SSD)

I do understand that most of the PS4 users do not want to spend another 100/150 USD/EU to fix a problem with a game, so it all comes down to how bad you like to play “properly” CE and in general, to take advantage of the increased loading speed of a SSD in all games running on PS4.
You basically have 3 options here, keep begging for a proper port of the PC version of CE on the PS4 (is not gonna happen) on this forum (like I did for months) OR keep playing with animations not loading in time and invisible enemies OR switch to a SSD and enjoy the game.
Your call.

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? Would a 500 gig SSD do the job for a single game? If so they are around 79
US. Price of a game with wall map and toys


500 GB are more than fine, and you can fit many games to run from there.
I use a 500GB for the PS4 in fact, moved on it the most demanding games in terms of loading speed, like CE, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 and so on.
All of them have loading times cut in half I’d say, texture streaming and fluidity in densely populated scenario are way better as well.

I must point out though, as I already did in another similar thread in the past, that I noticed a decreased FPS rate in some cases in CE. Probably, not being optimized, the game struggles with a more detailed and quickly textured scene that a SSD can supply.
So keep in mind you may lose some FPS around huge players built structures plenty of thralls.
Personally I am very fine with it, I rather have some FPS less with no stuttering and animations and things loading in real time.


Thank u I do understand my wife plays on my regular ps4 two yes ago I installed a terabyte ssd in it her issue when playing is blue screen crashes every time she returns to our bad not sometimes every time an she’s playing with the ssd hard drive I’m not on my pro on the pro I can’t see enemies about half the time I get the blue screen half as much as here my complain is I bought a game I expect it to work not with it works of u make changes to ur system or replace hardware I do not play on pc to specifically avoid that issue I love the game that’s another reason it aggrivates me so much I love playing this game with my wife but I kinda starting to feel like I got screwed outta my money I bought the game twice an all the Dlcs an now I can’t really even play even her with the ssd yeah see can see all enemies she has less strut frame rate drops but she still gets kicked I can’t justify 100 200 for a hard drive to still get blue screen crashes

SSDs do wear out after some time of heavy use, but you’re usually looking at a few years.
I recently did a SSD install for PS4-pro and did a test run with Conan on some busy servers.
The performance difference is night and day. Stuttering / lag due to rendering seems to be minimal and this can be a huge advantage when other players are struggling to keep up with you (or can’t even fully see you). Now, this won’t fix latency lag issues between players (better ping locks etc is needed server side to kick people with crap internet connections or people who are most likely lag switching) but at least you’re not waiting 5 minutes and stuttering all over while waiting for players, textures etc to load in.
This also hints at a real need for better optimization for the pro port.

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Do you have ‘Boost Mode’ turned on in the settings on your PRO?

I’m on a PRO and I haven’t had these issues personally.

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