Update 1.42 - New dungeons and Invisible NPCs

Game mode: Any
Problem: Performance
Region: Any

I’ve tried this on both US and European servers. I went to a PS4 Pro a while back, and no longer crashed at my home fort. That verified my theory that it was a RAM issue.

However, the ease of play only lasted until the release of 1.42. Since then, I have invisible NPCs, 3-5 minute render times on buildings, weird looking non-renderings, etc.

Here are a few of the highlights.

These were taken 1 minute apart.

Hidden guards

At the time, this was a female character wearing armor.

My base from above when I walked up to it

As I was running down the beach. No rendering at all.

This all started with Update 1.42.

This has nothing nothing to offer your situation, but what gear is that? On that female character? Those white pants and that look cloth in the last one?

The white pants are Hyrkanian Raider Tasset, dyed white and grey.
The loin cloth is a Hyperborean slaver loincloth dyed black with Darfari gear also dyed black.

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I’ve noticed this same thing on my PS4 pro after the 1.42 update. They stated somewhere on the forums that the next patch is awaiting certification (from Sony?) for release so it should be ready sometime soon I think it was going to address some of these PS4 Pro issues.

This been a day one issue give up on waiting 4 fix just spam lock on so maybe at least see name bar GL

Having same issues since beginning.
Nothing loads, base takes like 10 min to load, then I go get some iron, come back and wait 10 min again. (no joke?)
Invisible npcs attacking and killing constantly. Try pressing analog to lock on if you have feeling there is something.
Settlements load slow.
And stamina is my favorite, if it runs out and penalty starts, then it newer recovers. :grin: Ever. I need to restart or wait like 10 min. :grin: Also now I have noticed that I cannot scrool in chests anymore, it’s broken for me and need to take out some stuff to get it working again.
And when I switch to my primary weapon most of the time it’s not there, switch to something else and again and repeat until it appears. :grin: Welcome to conan exiles.

Good to know my choices are slow rendering of bases, invisible NPCs, OR crash at my home base every time I walk in the door.

Hey there, we’ve just released a new patch that includes some changes which should help with the PS4 asset loading issue, please let us know if any of your reported problems persist after updating, thanks!


Thanks. I will check this evening and report back.

Patch did not address a single ps4 pro issue that I can see. Still invisible npc’s still taking upwards of 5-7 mins to load base in. Nothing you guys are doing is working. It’s time to get a third party in to fix what you clearly cannot. It’s been a year surely this is getting embarrassing for you as a company?? New, better employees needed that know their job properly? Not trying to be smart but it’s obvious after all this time that you are clearly just not capable. NOTHING you have tried has made life on the pro any better. Every time you promise improvements and everytime nothing. Nearly ready to give up on this game and the company as a whole. I have spent a lot of money here. Have every dlc plus bought on release. We deserve better than this funcom.


Not sure of his issue, but the game is running great. Everything is spawning in from a distance, the buildings are coming up well before I get to them, and my workshop had all the stations and storage when I entered. Good update for my system.

PS4 Pro SSD internal drive 330 down 6 up


As always I still don’t see the issues that others do.

External SSD
Netgear Nighthawk Pro Router
30mbs down 4mbs up


I was having this issue on the PS4 pro, seems mostly fixed for me


@speedice, @Wak4863, @Tytan Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the patch, we’re happy to know that it helped!

@Darkzombie We’re sorry that you’re still encountering issues on the PS4 even after the latest patch, could you please open a new post as per our guidelines and share additional information with us?
Please provide as many details as you can, such as PS4 model and firmware version, SSD or HDD, which issues you’re facing, how often they come up and possible repro steps with screenshots or video if necessary, so that we may best help you.


Patch 1.43 did a huge improvement for me aswell. I cant say the patch did not do anything. Mounds of the dead new asgarh and sepameru run significantly better than before. Base loads in even quicker has more stable framrate than ever before


Well seems I owe apologies again :man_facepalming:t2: After a big clean up of my ps4 and taking the case off and getting rid of dust my entire system seems to be doing a lot better. Loaded Conan up this morning and my base sprang straight in. Took A quick trip through New Asgarth and had none of the usual shenanigans. No invisible enemies, no freezing, only had one disappearing corpse and a very small amount of stutter up the back near the alchemists. Nice job and apologies for the attitude. Having a ridiculously quick temper has me eating a lot of humble pie on this forum lol :joy:


@Darkzombie welcome to the club! So glad your game is playing better. Now get out there and experience the exiled lands the way they were intended to be! So awesome reading your reply, seeing you take initiative to check your system. It’s easy sometimes to point the finger at Funcom as you’ve seen of the forums. I’m stoked that it’s playing better for you. Never really saw you being short tempered as much as passionate about a game and frustrated with the experience.


Thanks mate it’s been along time since I really enjoyed playing up north, I’m gunna spend the next couple days hanging around the mounds pumping out t3 buildings to see if maybe it’s fixed whatever was making my purge bar not work around there. It has fixed so much in my game it’s fantastic. And no, I can admit I’m really short tempered and am quite rude when I lose my temper. Not a good quality :disappointed:. Anyway it’s great to have Conan back close to what it was before all this started :ok_hand::muscle::hugs:


Glad the game is back up and running smooth. Now, @Hugo, you are not allowed to fix anything ever again.

Except this


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