Npcs invisible, delayed sound

after the update on the 27th, the game on ps4 is unplayable, i love this game, but as it is, it is unplayable


Are you playing online? Playing on a private server not having any issue.

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Play in server official

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Was yesterday in my single player offline session at the black hand ship and some npc where invisible at the first attack from my side. I come back and than it was ok. but the sound was the whole session delayed. Sometimes there was a rocknose sound instead of the yelling of the black hand…

But nice to hear that this not happen to everyone. @sestus2009 Do you have the rendering issue?
I play on a normal PlayStation not slim and not pro and have this online and offline.

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The only time I have problems is around huge base. I have a Exiles server and friend with Sipath last night on his server little slow getting into benches and thralls. I don’t play offline unless wanting to test something out that I don’t want to risk on my server.

Agreed same thing for me and 4 other clan members game full of bugs since patch hope they fix soon cause am about to give up and quit

Regular 1Tb playstation

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