When are you going to fix the issues after the update?

Will complete a week since the game was unplayable, and so far nothing has been done, I’m already thinking about giving up and uninstalling.

Issues have already been mentioned in several topics, rendering delay, sound delay, movement delay, invisible thralls, render-delayed scenery and landscapes. When are you going to fix it?


Im currently dealing with my 2nd purge of invisible npcs. Npc camps are taking forever to render and just about everything else is broken. Yet, still no word from anyone at funcom besides them pointing the finger back at us, blaming connections and private servers. At this point it’s just disrespectful.


I am playing on a private server and so far as known no one is having issues. Have not tried official Sipath yet.


I have a private server and all the people I play with are seeing these issues:

  1. Sound effect delays
  2. Slow loading of the base. Walls, foundations, objects, etc.
  3. Low resolution textures.
  4. Menus slow to scroll through (attributes, feats, etc)
  5. Opening a crafting station items appear slowly, crafting menu has only some items then others appear after 10 seconds.
  6. Draw distance reduced.
  7. Invisible thralls and also invisible other players.
  8. Nudity option removed

Developers, can you throw us a bone please? Is there any time-line for a hotfix? I understand programming takes time, but when I hear next to nothing it makes me start looking at other gaming options. Days, weeks, months?

Thank you.


I’ve experienced every one of these myself. But as far as I was aware, the early access was only on pc, so I was expecting some snags.

The expansion was just released. They won’t know about these issues unless people show/tell them.

The invisible thrall one is a pain because when you walk by into a camp you don’t know how much you’ve aggro’d


The number of fairly big issues I was dealing with was rather high, too high for me to keep playing :pensive: Regrettably, I’ve dropped Conan to play other games. I’m waiting for another patch before I go back to Exiles because whew, the game is chugging right now. I agree that the lack of communication is disheartening and confusing, but I’d like to believe it’s because the programmers are keeping their heads down and busy working to fix things instead of shrugging and ignoring console users.

I just keep lurking, waiting to see a response or patch :face_with_monocle:


It’s been a week now. Funcom knows there’s issues.

All they need to do is fire up the PS 4 or PS 5 in their office to see games not functioning.

Idk why they can’t communicate when we can expect a patch… I’ll give them a few days. Then I’m asking for a refund. Cannot sell a DLC as a finished product when clearly, it’s unplayable.

@Ignasis @Hugo @funcom


I’ve experienced all this as well, today I got a nice bit of rubberbanding lag too /s

I really, really hope they’ll get around to fixing it soon!
The delayed sound and graphics rendering is driving me nuts!


In order to fix bugs and problems after the Siptah DLC, Funcom will have to create new bugs and glitches first. Then they will fix some bugs nobody is having a problem with.

Delayed sound, I thought that was just me lol Yeah it’s bad too. Invisible thralls now. The Ley Shrine broke on me today, didn’t spawn any new thralls at one point. No boss showed up, and the portal is still there over the shrine. I’ve noticed some thralls spawning there and falling into the ground where you can’t damage them unless u use explosives. It was on my rented server and I did ghost into the ground and didn’t see any thralls around.

Stutter is horrible now. Funcom even said there is improved AI and that might be for some rocknoses on a good day but AI seems worse than ever.


All good points and all suffered by me as well. Such a joke in this day and age of gaming.


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